Five Things Black People Should Know Today: Huff Po & More

- By Bossip Staff

A few noteworthy tidbits for your reading pleasure…

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  • Kyra

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  • Brooklyn Hampshire

    cholera? I haven’t heard of that…

    • Do more reading

      Well if the strain mutates, u WILL hear alot more about it.And I will be soooo glad when we are free from the middle east oil chokehold…what will they do when “western culture” finally stays here?

  • Getem

    I think I’m going to start taking the train or bus to work. These gas prices are exceptionally ridiculous.

    • wegotodobetter is pretty cool to…

  • wegotodobetter

    huh? why don’t you think (black) people don’t want to know about this? smh…

  • wegotodobetter really think it is not of any importance to black people. smh

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