Meet The Parents: Kim Kardashian Celebrates Baller Beau’s Birthday With His Moms And Pops

- By Bossip Staff

Is this getting serious???

Kim Kardashian and her NBA player boyfriend are still in the early stages of their romance – but the reality star still made sure to pull out all the stops for his 26th birthday. On Saturday night, the Kim and Kourtney Take New York star, 30, surprised New Jersey Nets power forward Kris Humphries with an intimate birthday dinner at Manhattan hotspot STK.

“This was more of a get to know the parents affair,” says a source of the dinner. “Kim and his parents really seemed to hit off.” Nibbling on a pear salad, tuna tartare and Dover sole, Kardashian, who recently starred in a racy Super Bowl ad, spent the night laughing and chatting with Humphries’s family and close friends.

Ever the hostess, as the night came to an end, Kardashian picked up the entire $900-plus tab – and left a generous tip.



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  • 5150

    I know his parents are so ASHAMED

    • Chitowninthehouse

      LOL @ 5150!

    • Kyra

      I strongly recommend you __ BlackWhiteCupid ℃○M for sin gle bl ack, wh ite gi rls, me n to m eet true lov e onli ne…… I know it from my friends since it really worked fo them…. love it or not

  • WithAllHonesty

    Calling Evil Kim Kardashian to the thread. B!tch, let’s go. I got about 10 minutes to spare. You’re a win by default type b!tch. If Paris Hilton decided to become a socialite again, yo’ @$$ is through.

    You just an Armanian N!gg@h B!tch who lucked up on an opportunity while a White Cr@cker H0 was bowing out. Paris raked in more money for her appearances than you, so don’t even try to talk on how much you made over a weekend.

  • Peter

    Light skinned men with white women for the win. Coming back in style.

    • CoCobiscuit

      Congratulations…at least someone wants ya…I like my chocolate dark, thank you 😉

    • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty does the most Alabaster Ghostly See-Thru WW..

      SEAL dark..(see Heidi Klum and her lil kinky junkets)

  • Simply Jane

    Lmao @5150…. Why does she keeping dating the same type of men.. Doesn’t she know she’s gonna get the same type of results.. What a fool..

  • Nana

    Kris Humphrey is Gorgeousssss! I don’t care wat anybody says…

  • Twin Cities

    I don’t think his parents are too ashamed because she spent last Christmas with them in Minnesota. I don’t think this is going to last unless she gets pregnant on purpose. His parents are just happy that she has her own money and won’t be suing Chris for child support.

  • southern twist

    he’s white

    • mary

      No, he is not white. Kris Humphries is black. His father is black, his cousins are lightskin black people (the Humphries) If anyone has seen his sister Kaela, then you would know that he is black. This is not the first time Kim has met his parents. The real question is why has Kim’s parents (Bruce & Kris Jenner) have not meet Kris.

    • Kriss Jenner


    • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

      White, Half White, Not White…whatever he is..I can tell you what he’s NOT..he is NOT CUTE..and she doesn’t look HAPPY with him..rarely she CHEESED it UP like a Cheshire whenever she’s got an Black Accessory Butler Type…I think she will TRADE him in..He brings her BOOTY STOCK down…

  • Honut Sinti

    He a biggun!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. LET'S STOP THE STUPIDITY IN 2011!!!

    I don’t know why she is still with these atheletes. And the youngins at that. I don’t think she is going to get that faithful husband figure she wants going down that road.

  • kiwi1984

    I read a lot of gossip blogs, but when are the so called black gossip blogs gonna talk about black people. I get tired of seeing Kim on every black site. I can read about her on the sites that neglect black celebs. Geesh! BTW she’ll b n love n 2 months and dating someone else by October.

  • southern twist

    @ mary

    he is not black! sorry hun white boy

  • Alexis

    I don’t think Kim and mulatto Frankenstein are going to last. He’s too young and she’s too desperate.

    • er

      i bet you are a lonely single hating black women 70% of yall on gossip site with no man

    • 504_MsGV

      ..mulatto Frankenstein too funny!

  • Alexis


    Next time, try to use proper grammar before attempting to make a point.

  • CoCobiscuit


  • thereitis

    Kris’s dad is black/white and his mom is white. Kris is not black in fact he’s more white than he is black. Stop tryin to claim him.

  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    Sorry…your post told ya gave me Narcolepsy…My Ish up there should end with this..(clears throat) Uhh-hhmmm

    Miss ” Ray, My Puzzy Gonna Explode “ KardAZZian…

  • MzFitt

    LOL @ Evil Kim – honestly, who has time to create fake names? I bet you are really starting to believe what you’re writing…LOL

  • Joan Rivers

    Kim Kardashian aka The Human Toilet

  • Hispanoila Brotherhood

    I find it so funny that Kris has more black blood than Nahla yet everyone is insisting Nahla is black but Kris isn’t.

  • 100milesperhour

    Who gives a damn what his race is, he still looks goofy as hell.

  • angela

    Can u say WHACK!!!!!!!!!!If, you don’t stop posting , she will never go away! 30 going on 13! Besides, he will be unemployed at the end of the season! KIM WILL NOT BE OUT DONE BY KHLOE! SHE IS AN HIGH END ESCORT SERVICE! U got money, she got time! PUBLICITY STUNT..REGGIE WAS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPEN TO HER…I’M GLAD HE GOT WISER…

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