For Lover’s Only: BOSSIP Giving Away $250 For Valentine’s Day!!

- By Bossip Staff

What do you love or hate about Valentine’s Day??? Starting today, @Bossip giving away TWO $250 OpenTable gift cards to the Twitter followers who can give the best comment on what they love or loathe about this holiday for sweethearts.


1.) Follow @Bossip on Twitter:

2.) Use Twitter to tweet one or all of these messages to enter:

“On Valentine’s Day, I love …(Insert Text Here) #LoveLove

“On Valentine’s Day, I hate …(Insert Text Here) #HateLove

Need Hashtags!!!


1.) Contest begins 02/09/11 at 1 pm EST and ends on 02/13/11 at 12:59 pm EST.
2.) You can enter as many times as you like.
3.) Two winners will be chosen based on best tweet – one for the best #LoveLove and one #HateLove
4.) We will announce the winners on 2/14/11 (Valentine’s Day) on and @Bossip.
5.) Each winner will receive an OpenTable gift card for $250

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  • Getem

    Only $250 Dollars? I know Diddy can do better than that lol.

    • lollipop

      my thoughts exactly

  • Nana

    Gotta love Diddy….finds a way to make EVERYTHING about him….

  • mr.make.ya.feelgood

    PPL PUFF SHOULD GIVE 250 TO FIRST; black rob, craig mack, total, carl thomas, cherrie dennis, all of the rapper who appeared on the p dadday and family CD, the victims city college stampede. and anything left should go to biggies kids.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    LMAO @ the $250.00 giveaway!

  • if anything be noble

    $250? That is so pitiful! That’s like a Wayans spoof.

  • mike

    This dumb attention seeking betch is so damn cheap this the same jerk off that made a huge show to donate 10 grand to hurricane katrina like it was such a big huge donation what an idiot yet you dumb niccas drink ciroc cuzz this idiot tells you to

  • Eva


  • Lori

    I think that’s super generous! Wow what greedy horrible comments. Pdiddy is giving someone $ fir a tweet, why are people hating on him? At least he donates to charities! The kardashians don’t have any charity except themselves. Diddy gives back! Even if it was 1$ it’s FREE and nobody is making him.

    • Ms. Jones

      I agree, not a big Diddy fan but still who are you all to talk down on someone for doing something nice. I don’t see any post about you coming out of your pockets to give to anybody so do yourself and everyone else a favor and throw your keyboard out the window right along with your lousy opinions….

  • if anything be noble

    You think $250 is super generous. Girl stop.

  • Ms. Jones

    I swear yall are some ungrateful B@stards you don’t like the prize don’t enter. It’s that easy frowning on 250 dollars knowing dag on well your black @ss does’nt have a pot to pi$$ in or a window to throw it out of…

  • if anything be noble

    Ms. Jones, girl, your Valentine must loooooooove YOU. “Baby here’s a little sun’en sun’en. It’s what they call a Hershey’s Kiss. Well, boo, let’s call this a Hershey Ki since I ate half of it but I wrapped this here piece in newspaper since you is apple of my eye and you warms my heart muscle enough to make up for the two esses.” Smh @ Diddy giving away $250 when he was showing pictures of his child eating money and sleeping on money and driving a $300,000 car. (His name’s not in this now.)

  • willis

    I am not trying to be mean, but keeping it real….I’m not Roman and thats were the word romantic comes from. So when Feb. 14 comes around I do what I do because I want, not because its Valentine Day’s do people really know about Cupid, the “real” Cupid. They would change the way they use the word.

  • Ms. Jones

    Let me break it down for the ignorant ones. You all are sitting up here acting like this man owes YOU something. He can have picturs of HIS kids BURNING a whole pile of HIS money and that would have nothing to do with me you or the next person. It is HIS money. The idea that an act of kindness should be based on how much money a person has is absurd and ignorant. In the case of my Valentine another matter that does not concern you (boy we have a pattern here) that is a totaly different situation. I don’t know Diddy, I am not giving my heart to Diddy, I am not spending time with Diddy. Where Diddy owes me nothing I demand nothing, my Valentine on the other hand would have to come correct even then I need more from a man than material things a concept you birds don’t get. But I can take care of myself I APPRECIATE gifts I don’t NEED them. Do you see where Im going here or do I have to get some poster board and a pack of crayons and draw you a picture?

  • if anything be noble

    Po Ms.Jones-Diddy. Smh

  • Ms. Jones

    I know I should not be taking the bait on this one lol but what on earth is that supposed to mean?

  • if anything be noble

    It means: Diddy is that you? Girl relax. Eat your Ki. It is not that serious.




  • anna

    I have all that and more but i know and my husband loves me no matter what.I suffer with severe depression all of my life but am truly blessed to have an man that does the diches, helps raise the kids, vacumns the floors, cooks meal before going to work,yes i can say I LOVE HIM!

  • DementedBeauty

    $250?!?!? Well F*ck a Duck and See What Hatches!!! If Ya Dry Folks Don’t Want it, I Will Gladly Take It!!! Its a Recession!! Be Thankful not Picky!!! If you can Do Better, than Put it Out there, and I’ll Take that Too!!

  • DementedBeauty

    $250?!?!? Well F*ck a Duck and See What Hatches!!! If Ya Dry Folks Don’t Want it, I Will Gladly Take It!!! Its a Recession!! Be Thankful not Picky!!! If you can Do Better, than Put it Out there, and I’ll Take that Too!! As a Matter of Fact, Since Ya So Much Better, How about I Give Ya My PayPal, and Ya Go Ahead and Drop them $250s in mine and Ms. Jones’ Account…

  • hazel hunt

    Would love to win!!!!

  • webcam jobs

    wish I could win!

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