Beyond Red: Lip Shades You Should Be Trying

- By Bossip Staff

Whether it was an A to D list celebrity, a Facebook album obsessed female college student, or almost every girl standing in line at the club, firetruck red lipstick was the trend on everyone’s lips last year.

While pale reds softly utter everyday conventionalism, something about bright red lipstick screams that you’re edgy, bold and chock full of confidence. But you can’t rely on that scarlet red forever.

If you’re still looking to be that edgy chick that gets all the compliments for her lipstick choices, it’s time to be ready and willing to kiss off the apricot and blush reds, and see how daring your smackers can really be this year. Check out our lip color suggestions that go way beyond Ronald McDonald red!

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  • samech

    I hope people realize everything don’t look good on everybody…whether if it’s ‘in’ or not.

  • JaZZ

    Cosign with samech… also I don’t think black women wear red right because we come in so many different skin tones… a lot of colors should be based on what looks good individually on different women

  • Shananigans

    orange, purple?! c’mon

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