In Little Willow’s Mind If She’s Orphan Annie, _________ Is Daddy Warbucks

- By Bossip Staff

In addition to singing and acting, Willow Smith is now calling the shots on casting decisions for her “Annie” project.

And if it’s up to her, Big Daddy Willy and Uncle Camel will be recruiting Zahara’s father to play Daddy Warbucks.

Brad Pitt, who plays real-life dad to six kids with partner Angelina Jolie, has been tapped as the top choice to play adoptive pop to Will Smith’s daughter Willow when the famous hair-whipper, 10, stars in a hip-hop version of the beloved musical Annie later this year.

Willow, a signee to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation imprint, has been cast as the plucky orphan girl with a heart of gold in an upcoming remake of the 1982 movie musical. With Jay and dad Will on board to produce, Willow now hopes to sign Oscar-nominated Pitt up for the role of the millionaire businessman, portrayed by Albert Finney in the original film, Access Hollywood said Wednesday.

“We’re just going to have to wait for that! You’re just going to have to wait,” the 10-year-old coyly replied when pressed for additional deets on the film.

Somewhere, you KNOW Diddy is mad.

Sidenote: they better not fawk up this classic!


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  • DubCgal

    Umm sorry not really seeing Brad as Daddy Warbucks…

    Maybe Ving Rhames he big burly but he can still play a loveable role, oh and bald!

    • Kyra

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  • DubCgal


  • Bey-nonsense

    *L. Ron Hubbard as daddy warbucks

  • don't ask

    I don’t think Annie needs to be done again. And I am frankly tired of hearing about this little girl. She needs to be in school somewhere. Kids running amok!

  • yt


  • Lisa

    It would take people with vision to understand that this is a great idea, but I guess you would expect people who sit up on a so called black blog and spew hate from behind their keyboards all day to lack any kind of vision. Good Luck to Jay, Will and Willow. Let’s keep building black wealth and black empires. People died to free us to do whatever we want to do in this life.


    the ONLY actor living who can play daddy warbucks in the great SIR. PATRICK. STEWART.
    aka Capt. Jean-Luc Picard/aka Prof. Xavier.
    he’s got the baldy & everything.

    • Amc

      You know what I actually agree with you! I think he would be great for the role.


    p.s.- y’all know i love me some willow (JUST WHIP IT!), but i gotta say, i grew up with ‘Annie’ and the role was ALWAYS played by an unknown kid actors, i.e. lil sarah jessica parker aka lil carrie bradshaw ‘was’ annie when i was a kid and in real life sarah comes from a super-poor family from the midwest that was on welfare. its documented.
    i can’t see wealthy willow pulling this off & the audience suspending disbelief that she is a starving orphan.
    no. sorry. 😦

  • redcora

    Being Annie 4 times as a child, Willow would do great. You have to have a certain spark of energy, she’s got it! Now give me Jay as Punjab..Of course Brad is Daddy WArbucks.. Dam I wanna be Annie again!

  • collegegirl12

    First Areatha Franklin thinking that Halle will play her in a biopic…now Brad Pitt playing Daddy Warbucks in a hip-hop version of Annie, im sure Will Smith has the connection, but they are really reaching too far.

  • Whatev

    I don’t see Brad in that role, and he’s not that good of an actor to pull it up. Willow is not a good actor either, and is too arrogant and cocky to portray a needy orphan.

  • Linda

    @whatev what have you ever seen Willow act in?

  • luvjonz

    Little orphan Annie can actually sing!! And sing well! Can Willow Sing? I mean really sing?

    • sowhatyall

      it’s a hip-hop version of Annie actual singing (or talent for that matter) is not needed, just like the talentless things in hip-hop music now-a-days

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