Who Owned The Aretha Franklin Tribute At The Grammys??

- By Bossip Staff

Jennifer Hudson, Yolanda Adams, Christina Aguilera, Martina McBride and Florence Welsh opened the 2011 Grammy Awards with a tribute to the Queen of Soul herself.

The song selection wasn’t the greatest, but the ladies definitely brought their voices… mostly.

Were you watching? Who do you think owned it??

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  • team aguilara!


    • UVA


    • kalifa

      christina hurts my ears with all that “sanging”…i feel like i was on a vocal rollercoaster….all i want to do is vomit

      real singers, like jennifer hudson, yolanda adams, hell even florence dont have to force and over sing….

      this is why a limited-talent hoe like rihanna has top 10 singles falling like rain while christina is gaining weight and has no good music….

      over singing and still trying to prove she can sing 😦

    • Kyra

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    • Bill Bigsby

      xtina was yelling while Yolanda and Jen killed her. She sounded as shitty as she did at the super bowl. Its shocking how many ppl like her yelling

  • http://Hotmail Islandbaby

    The ladies did a great job. But at times I feel like they try to out sang each other when it comes to high notes.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    If i had a talented voice and was givin the opportunity to sing a tribute to Aretha Franklin,i would try to sing my a** off too.

  • NYC

    Yolanda Adams did she is the real thing along with J-HUD. I hate it when people steal and mimic the culture of others. Xtina doesn’t identify at all with her Latino side she acts as if she is ashamed of it.

  • Michelle

    Sorry Jenn, but Christina blew you and the other ladies out the way.
    I always thought Chistina was a bad a** singer!! She sure did make up for the super bowl.

    • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals--Me and "we" will piggyback in a thread!

      I apologize but no she didn’t! It seems as if she screamed “please forget my phukk up” the entire time singing.

      There is a huge difference between singing and hollering. I like Christina just as much as the next person but, she didn’t do it for me. At least, not tonight.

      I also noticed that there was a whole rainbow of weaves up on that stage.

  • fabchick


  • http://Hotmail Islandbaby

    @NYC…who the hell is stealing anyone’s culture? These ladies were asked to pay tribute to the Queen of Soul, and they all did a great job. And Christina doesn’t identified with her Latin side. Where is all this coming from? U are way off topic.

    • Orlando Gomez

      No, she doesn’t identify with her Spanish side at all, that’s her choice I guess but she does try too hard trying to show off. Her father was a Spaniard and they keep their noses looking down at us.

    • Aztec Queen

      Orlando, you are retarded. Christina’s father is from ECUADOR not spain. And she’s not ashamed at all. She’s been on the cover of Latina mag 3x and released a spanish album in 2000.


  • http://...NOTBOTH!! Tiki Barber

    Christina and Ms. Yolanda Adams !

  • Jadonnie Ava Marie

    Christina that girl has the baddest set of pipes in the game

  • Raymond

    I’m surprised people think Jennifer sounded better than Ms. Adams. Yolanda has more of a gospel sound so folks ain’t down with that these days.

  • jenaee

    YOLANDA ADAMS OWNED IT…. Christina had over the top riffing as usual, and she sounded like she was straining… Jennifer Hudson needs to go sit down after this one….

  • Aztec Queen

    Yolanda, Jennifer and Florence were the bomb. The other two were just meh.. Did you see Christina fall?! thats what she gets for trying to show off at the end

  • 504_MsGV

    Jennifer Hudson giving it to yall in this picture, with her skinny @ss. (she looks good though)

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals--Me and "we" will piggyback in a thread!

    I was hoping Jennifer Hudson sang Aretha’s Dr. Feelgood.

    As far as the best singer, I’d have to give it to Yolanda Adams (sorry J-Hud).

    Yolanda was the only one who sang effortlessly.

    Why did the rest of them feel the need to holler at the end of each song?

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals--Me and "we" will piggyback in a thread!

    Also–I was a tad bit disappointed in Jennifer constantly flicking her hair–almost as if it was a distraction.

    I still lurves her, though. I guess she still has some growing to do as a performer.

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    @Marquis..Britney, really? Ahahahahahaha! Please tell me ur joking.

    And why is Christina’s ethnicity an issue? This thread is about who did Aretha justic smh at some of u people.

  • Whatever

    None of them. It was another scream-fest.

  • blackking7

    Duh Jennifer hudson EFFORTLY blew christina out of the water! While christina was fighting to scream and shout JHud could bring the power voice with just a breath.

  • collegegirl12

    Yolanda Adams owned it, her voice was strong yet there was a sutblety to her voice as well. Plus she wasn’t trying to out sing anyone, she just let her voice flow normally. Next would be J-Hud, but she seemed as if she was competing with Christina.

  • stopit

    Christina. She was not afraid to go there. Aretha went there, she was not afraid of folks thinking she was too good. Christina does not “over sing” I don’t think there is such a thing.She does not force herself either, thats the way she sings and she has always sang that way since she was little. Youtube it.

  • infinity

    C. Aguilera..and she doesn’t scream that’s her natural voice.

  • Javier Luciano

    Christina! The best voice on earth!

  • ScorpioGirl

    CHRISTINA OWNED IT! her solo was on point and she seemed to get more time on her solo. The song choice and her voice perfect. Jennifer has a lack of control kind of a twitching thing. Yolanda’s was second best but still very good.

  • Shananigans

    christina hands down! she knew she had to show up and she did

  • rodney mccray


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