Guess Who’s Enjoying This “Mommy’s Day Out” Lunch In L.A.

- By Bossip Staff

This mother/stepmother skipped most of the Grammy festivities over the weekend. But she was spotted having lunch in L.A. without her new-ish husband and new-ish baby. Can you guess who it is?

That’s Egypt Dean’s mommy Alicia Keys having what looks like a pretty energetic chat with a friend in Beverly Hills.

What do you think Egypt and Daddy Swizzy were doing?

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  • Simply Jane

    I wanna see her baby already lol! Wonder how he looks..

  • SwirlOnSista

    I’m sure the baby is ugly, just like his name. I’m all for love but that man was married with children when they were fooling around… the devil is alive.

    • foxy lady

      U are right the devil is alive and it is u. What pleasure do u get from calling an innocent child ugly!!! Because her husband and his ex-wife was separated before they were kicking it so get yur facts straight. Seeing that u like to swirl, I see why u are making such petty as statements.

  • gidget

    I wonder why she didnt attend the grammys? Couldn’t find a baby sitter?

  • diva08

    love her black birken bag

  • Taty

    Poor Mashonda, you know she’s still irrelevant when her own “Team” members don’t know how to spell her name.

  • 100milesperhour

    afro british

    Spoken like a true jump-off!

    • chrissy

      I know right….we gonna call her happy holiday-mjb…Being with you deprives me of true love….

  • Mz Goody

    yeah homewrecking you know what.

  • ssquared

    Alicia Key, Fantasia, that country heifa…homewrecking heifas. They think cause they have money they have the right to take other women’s husband? Yep, it all comes around.

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