We Better Not EVER Hear Someone Say Prince, Paris And Blanket Are Broke

- By Bossip Staff

It’s no secret that the Jackson family doesn’t practice the most effective financial habits.

But with what TMZ is reporting Michael’s estate brought in since his death, his kids better be taken care of forever!

The Michael Jackson estate has made more than $310 million since MJ died back in 2009 … this according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.

TMZ has obtained the first accounting that MJ executors filed … showing exactly how much money Michael owed when he passed away on June 25, 2009 … and how much the estate has made since — and the numbers are astounding.

According to the documents, MJ had more than $400 million in various debts when he died … but the estate has already made more than $310 million since.

Documents show excecutors have already spent roughly $159 mil paying back various debts, income taxes and other expenses such as providing “uninterrupted support for Mrs. [Katherine] Jackson and Michael Jackson’s children as Michael intended.”

The estate has also paid for Katherine to make “substantial improvements” to the family’s famous Havenhurst estate in Encino, CA.

Executors have also shelled out cash to “pay last illness and funeral and memorial service expenses.”

In addition to the $400 million in debt — MJ’s estate had $40 million in liabilities to concert promoter AEG stemming from the “This Is It” tour … which MJ was rehearsing for when he died.

The documents show the estate received more than 65 creditor’s claims — with some of the debt accruing interest at “extremely high” rates.

The MJ executors admit the estate still faces several lawsuits in multiple countries.

Man, listen. We’re only going to say this one more time: we better not EVER hear ANYONE say Michael’s kids are broke.

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  • phatcakes


    • Greeneyez

      Ummm… u know the other Jackson’s are broke….They will be asking for money as soon as these kids get old enough to handle it…

  • Vida B

    Michael’s kids will be broke if that money gets in the wrong hands….like some of those greedy relatives(Jermaine).

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  • Q ...the man!

    ok so $440 million total in debts at a minimum and $310 million gross revenuse before taxes. The still have $140 million diffrence prior to the $159 million that has been spent in order to catch up totally. Give it 3yrs and they’ll have $$$ for the children and mother. Also I wouldve made neverland ranch profitable like Elvis’s estate! R.I.P M.J

    • Used to U Ninjas Now

      Wait! Can anybody add? If he owed $400 mill and made $310 mill, the estate was still $90 mill short-had they given up the whole $310M. But since they used $159 mill of the $310 to pay for upkeep, support, etc, then the estate is $249 mill in the hole…these kids ARE broke!! Somebody still owes somebody around $249 million dollars!?

  • Mrs. Rance

    Who thought they were broke? Mike liked to spend faster than it was coming in, but the boy was a master at investing. His estate will be out of the red in 5 years and the money will still be flowing in so much that his great grandchildren won’t have to work.



    I was so confused. I’m glad someone else read the article and retained the same information I did. It sounds like the estate is a little short in paying back all of the its debt.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Debt that you can afford to pay doesn’t make you broke or poor. If you can afford to pay off 400 milli in debt in 5 years, you are not only rich, but filthy rich, no, you’re wealthy. Filthy wealthy.

  • Creole Princess

    They are saying even after paying all the debt of $400 mil the estate still made $310 mil so the estate actually made $710 mil and have paid the debt off and the $310 mil is what is left after all debt is paid…so bottom line MJ’s babies better not ever be broke

  • http://bossip.com Q...the man!

    @ used to you ninjas now
    @ creole princess

    you forgot the $40 mil AEG bill in addition to the $400 mil for debt then it’s $310 in revenue then $159 mil spent of the $310 leaved $130 mil short plus they stil have to pay taxes from the $310 revenue…in other words they’re still in the RED! IRS IRS IRS!

  • mona

    What you are forgetting is MJ had about $400Min cash when he died PLUS the Beattle catalog worth around $500M. Problem was that he owed $400M in debts that were about to become due. So he was either going to have to pay cash and be cash poor or sell the catalog, which he refused to do. Now the estate has added an ADDITIONAL $310M, so the debts can actually be paid off, leaving The $400M of cash and the catalog untouched! The catalog make something like $50M/ year and sadly now his catalog, which he owned, makes big money too. Those children will be more than ok.

    • Used to U Ninjas Now

      Where is all this “extra” information coming from? The article never said that the debt was paid! Only a portion of $159M went toward the debt. The article said that at the time of death he owed, $400M and that since his death the estate has only made $310M. Uh, If he had all this money, why did he have so much debt? Why weren’t the bills paid? Why did they use some of the money from the $310 to pay for the funeral expenses if he had all this money? Why did they use some of the $310M to pay for the support? Why did Katherine have to wait so long to upgrade the house? Why are the lawyers still worried about more lawsuits, if he had all this money? Flat out-These people are BROKE! MJ’s Estate is BROKE and the kids need to see if they can move in with Aunt Janet…lol

  • shelly

    its all still more than I’ll see this lifetime so I couldn’t care less. All mine are in college and I have to pay that back.

  • conaie

    why is everybody acting like michael jackson had any children…………..these kids arnt his everyday sumone comes in the media saying they gave birth or help gave birth to these children.
    michael jackson didnt have any kids of his own, so its up to the jacksons to decide whether or not they want to give blanket and the other two sumthing.
    ddamn!aint none of them have m.j style so i say give them a good education, feed them,clothes them and send them on thier way. These children wernt born with it , i see them as lawyers, doctors and politicians.let they get it in where they fit in and stop pushing them on m.j legacy, they’ll ruin it. they dont even look like they know m.j music. they just seem so blahhhh

    • Lisa

      Exactly. They are not his damn kids. All of the money they are receiving is due to the very fans who buy everything with MJ’s name on it, and they are lying to those fans by pretending they are MJ’s kids. he was a liar and so are they.

  • conaie

    i say if they realli want to make money, this is an advice to lady katherine, m.j mom.

    if u want to make money, which i am pretty sure u have already but becuz ur family is always greedy for money. i say

    Dig up m.j body, have his body do a funderal tour, like make his body get dressed up and go to different mega churches all over the globe but the catch is, the fans oor good wishers got to pay to get inside the funeral service, i am talking abt 5000 us dollars a sit down. I am teelllling you this wud make madddd money. if you want help organizing the tour …i am ready and on it.

  • Kori


  • Evil Kim Kardashian

    All you guys are stupid, Michael may have owed $400 mil, but the estate aint payin’ out $400mil, they’ll negotiate a lower amount and pay based on that. They now have enough money to keep that shyt going for years and years, the creditors want to be repaid now so they’ll take 30-50% on the dollar, some may take even less because of the recession. As for neverland, Michael didnt own it anymore, capital cities did.

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