There’s Nothing Like Some Hot Chocolate To Make You Feel All Warm And Fuzzy Inside

- By Bossip Staff

Here is the “epitome of sexual chocolate” in the flesh, Idris Elba looking all fly and dapper for the Chrysler 300 at Vanity Fair event in Hollyweird.

Enjoy ladies ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Nana

    Why is this English sexual chocolate smiling like she won a price????

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)


  • Nana

    Why is this English sexual chocolate smiling like he won a price????

  • The Beautiful One

    Yes! I love Idris Elba with all my heart! He’s such a beautiful man with his gorgeous sun kissed skin. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Matix B

    GOT DAMN I LOVE BLACK MEN….after all the fuqing BS and DRAMA y’all clean up real faqing good………..BIG UP ALL BLACK MEN HOLDING IT DOWN FOR THEIR FAMILY AND KEEPING IT 100 …100% of THE TIME..MU fuqing AH…LOVE YA.

  • samech

    Hopefully, I’ll be seeing him soon at the NAACP even next week….

  • samech


  • I'm ze true silver hare

    i want to meet this man sooo badly. I’m only 18 and my mom gets so upset about my infatuation with him but I don’t care, I would let him do some terrible things to me.

  • YouSho'IzzUgly!!!!!!!!!

    This guys looks are WAYYYY OVERATED!!!!!!! I wouldn’t look at him a 1st time let alone a 2nd look. Too bad it’s slim pickens in the looks department for Black Public Celebrity BROTHERS. JMODamO!!!

    • mouthpiece

      @ trini,LMAO,@yosho’llzugly,yeah you are ugly any way fool.

  • Allie

    Awwwww yes he is so beautiful it’s crazy

  • daisy jay

    Awww look at Quentin!

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Them fine dark brothers get me everytime,and Mr.Idris is one of em!

  • khloe

    Sweating just looking at him, yummy

  • Nd12

    This the only man i would give the draws to the first night! Yeeshhh he fine!

  • Journeygirl

    Heard that!

  • LdyK

    When i see him i imagine him having his way with me…OVER and OVER and OVER again!

  • sexylove

    DAMN!!! Idris is fine as frogs hair! I would lick him real slow with his chocolate a*s!!

  • yvonne

    Hmmm hmmm hmmm, hes too fine, damn

  • tweety

    omgggggg i LOVEEE him….cant wait 4 him 2 come 2 trinidad

  • Got that Right

    Man it’s pathetic to see Black Women throw themselves @ a man. Black women, your desperation is leaking. Such a turn off. Pathetic.

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