It Was Fun While It Lasted: Looks Like There Is Going To Be A Lockout In The NFL!!

- By Bossip Staff

We hoped for the best, but it looks like the worst is inevitable.

When NFL owners read the opposing defense, they see an obvious soft spot in the line: the free-spending, high-living ways of more than 20 percent of the league’s players.

Though a lockout has been threatened for years — and despite an apparent rise in the number of football stars safeguarding their millions — roughly 380 of the NFL’s near 1,700 players still live paycheck to paycheck, according to financial experts familiar with the league.

“Therein lies the leverage these owners have to potentially use as an excuse to force the Players Association … to sneeze first,” said Reggie Wilkes, a 10-year NFL linebacker and now a financial adviser who preaches “lifestyle management” to more than 20 NFL clients. “If (union chief) DeMaurice Smith doesn’t have guys saving their money, it’s going to be difficult for them to withstand a potential lockout.”

Many players are “going to be hurting,” agreed New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott, 30, a Wilkes client. Scott, who stands to earn, or lose, $6 million next season, is frugal by NFL standards, driving his 2002 Lincoln Navigator “into the ground” and purchasing a $700,000 home — relatively modest by football star standards. Scott said some “young guys” in his locker room “see what the older guys have, and they’re not there yet. They’re trying to catch up and keep up with the Joneses” by buying $2 million mansions.

There is a wide variation in NFL players’ salaries. The average player salary for the 2009-10 season using USA Today’s numbers is $1,870,998. But the number isn’t particularly meaningful since superstars can earn far more and second- or third-stringers far less. The league rookie minimum salary is $320,000.

Barring a late agreement between the union and owners, players could be locked out of NFL facilities as soon as Friday.

Millionaire vs. Billionaires, and we all know big bank take lil’ bank. Hopefully they can find some common ground because no football in the winter just ain’t right.


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  • rip NAT TURNER

    NFL careers are short and they dont get paid in college . .( at least most of them ) Have to live life body broke the hell up at 40 ! DON’T GIVE NOTHING BACK $ !!!!

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  • rip NAT TURNER

    Tell u what @ Africanking . . I’ll play you in your football if you’ll play against me in Amercan football. SOMEBODY CALL 911 !

  • daboss912

    Omg no football!!! Thats blasphemy!

  • It's Me

    I agree with the players, the owners need to spread that wealth!!! Break these players off on all the money that is generated by the games!!!!

    • Mrs. Rance

      I consider a 320k minimum wage being broken off somethin proper like. Do they expect the owners to give them all the money until the league is broke like many of these dumb player when their careers end?

    • Thibau

      Mrs. Rance,

      Theres no broke owners. The owners will not release their financial statements. That minimum wage you cite is temporary at best. Where do you think these billion dollar stadiums come from?

  • Mrs. Rance

    These altheles and their spending issues are so ridiculous. A $700k house is damn comfortable unless you live in the LA, NYC or DC areas. Why on earth do any of them need a $2 milli house when they know their careers are VERY short? That money is temporary. Do they not care that they are going to lose the mansion to foreclosure within in a year of retirement and go from that straight to skid row? Come on guys. Get it together. To hell with the Jones’s. They’re in debt too.

    • Thibau

      If you dont know anything about this story. stay the hell away from it.

      The players arent asking for more money. The owners are threatening to reduce their wages.
      Its no wonder you have people siding with billionaire owners. Theyre ignorant to the facts and take their anger out on players theyre jealous of.

  • MacMoon

    $320 minimum salary.I don’t see a reason to complain.

    • tg

      That is a nice salary – but would about the $320 Million the owners are making off your sweat & pain. I think they can afford to give them guys a raise. As someone said – their career is over at 40 – so they need to reap as much benefit from the profits as they can. I’m not saying $320 thousand is chicken feed – but if you compare that to what the NFL is taking in – that might sound like chicken feed compared to that amount.

    • Mrs. Rance

      The guys making 320k a year don’t even play so they ain’t getting hurt beyond a splinter on their azz. The guys second string guys making 2 – 5 milli a year. The big dogs making 10 – 20 milli a year. Live like the dude with the 700K house your whole 10 year career and bank 10 milli of your salary then maybe you’ll have a nice down payment on a team when you retire. Then you get that big dough.

      How much do you make in relationship to your boss? The boss is the brains and the financial backer. He’s supposed to make way more money than the grunts.

  • bama

    No football? I see a lot of arguemnets are going to be in every house on Sundays.

    • LovelyOne

      LMBAO! That is so true!

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  • G.M.


  • Whaaaat??

    It’s Michael Vick’s fault. This is the season he’s supposed to start getting paid for real. They just don’t wanna pay the dude.

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