Five Side-Eye Worthy Moments From The Celebrity Apprentice Premiere

- By Bossip Staff

We don’t regularly watch “Celebrity Apprentice” but Donald Trump went all out this season and we’re already caught up in the Nene vs. Star Jones drama enough that we tuned in this Sunday to watch the series kick off.

As you can probably tell from Nene’s interesting accessories, it was an evening full of eyebrow raising moments.

If you missed it, no worries. Not only can you watch it online, we also put our heads together to tell you about the craziest moments from Sunday’s show. Keep Clicking To Count Them Down.

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    her nose looks real good. too bad shes real fake.

    • likostar

      Her nose is sad…

    • SDUB

      Nene is the ugliest creature on this planet, it’s amazing how she got plastic surgery and still looks bad smh…

  • Jeweleast9

    I wouldn’t eat ANYTHING Richard Hatch had a hand in preparing.

  • ChynaDoll

    NeNe looks like a Black Liza Minelli in the face. Not pretty at all.

    • eris

      finally someone that sees the samething!

    • WoW

      😀 LOLOL! Perfect description.

  • Allie

    She looks like a demon in the first pic, like d*mn if she didn’t scare me before she sure does now

  • a.m.

    let the ppl get shine the way they kno how lol
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  • http://google MINX

    I just do not understand all the negative feedback It is just TV

  • Jeanine

    I donot care for NE-NE. Wish her the best of an A** beating that she really deserves. I am tired of her loud, bullying, selfish ugly a**. She does not have a good body nor face.

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