Jesus Take The Wheel: Bishop E. Bernard Jordan Is Put On Blast For Exchanging “The Good Word” For Cold Hard Cash

- By Bossip Staff

Sorry but anyone stupid enough to give a guy that looks like THIS some money deserves what they get!

Just when you think you have heard it all, here comes Bishop E. Bernard Jordan and his army of so-called prophets. The issues with the “Prophetic Ministry” are both alarming and deceptive as many desperate believers are taken advantage of by men and women like Bishop Jordan. With generic prophecies and new age rhetoric, Bishop Jordan has gotten filthy rich of the hopes of the poor and sick.

The “prophetic word for cash scheme” has actually been around for a while, even dating back to the time of Paul’s ministry. It was so popular at the time that even when Paul publicly rebuked a psychic / mystic, he was beaten and thrown in jail Act Chapter 16:16-24…

Like many of you, I too have sat up late at night flipping through the channels only to discover Bishop Jordan on BET offering ridiculously vague prophecies in exchange for a donation of any size. How did we as the Body of Christ go from the Great Prophets of the Bible like Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel to Bishop Jordan, Benny Hinn, and Bishop Clarence E. McClendon?

…Men like Bernard Jordan has succeeded in making a mockery of this most Holy appointment due in part to the fact that they have appointed themselves to the role of Prophet. Common sense would tell us that God would not use a true prophet to issue a prophetic word that sounds something like this:

“I am feeling in my spirit the number 34 or 3 & 4 which means that you may want to sow a seed of $34 dollars because someone in your life who is 34 years old could be in danger.”
Really Bernard Jordan? Really!

At least The Psychic Friends Network with Dionne Warwick came with a disclaimer which indicated that the psychic readings were for entertainment purposes only! Or maybe that’s it. We have reached the point in biblical history whereas the fear of the Lord has dissipated and we’re left with preachers who are for entertainment purposes only.

SMH is nothing sacred anymore??? If you wanna “hustle” then sell drugs, go be a male prostitute, do a check scam, but don’t take advantage of people’s spirituality by trying to make a dollar off of their beliefs.


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  • yvonne

    Lol, lack of ignorance n dumbness my people perish, smh.

  • goldie

    no $#!T!


    what would jesus say…????

  • S from London

    In the Bible, it did say that false prophets will be among us. Talking rubbish.

  • JustAshley

    ROFL@“I am feeling in my spirit the number 34 or 3 & 4 which means that you may want to sow a seed of $34 dollars because someone in your life who is 34 years old could be in danger.”
    These fakers have some serious balls. Even if you don’t believe in God, you have to know that evil and good comes back to you no matter what.

  • big c

    I have seen this man on BET so many mornings. I find it so funny when he has people like Rev Run saying how good he is . This man and all like him will face judgment .

  • Terri

    And Rev. Run dumb a$$ right along with him. They are both friends and he he also endorses him.

  • Trini Sazon

    i sorry i dont trust no pastor never have never will .. i go to church to listen to the word of the lord then im out!! too much people put trust and power into these people then end up getting robbed,or molested ..God never damanded money from people i have yet to see a pastor that is broke and that is a red flag !

    • I'm ze true silver hare

      I’m sorry but if you want to see a broke pastor then you truly do not understand how the kingdom of God operates. God wants us to be successful and rich, and live abundantly; well beyond our means. Especially the teachers of his word. How can anybody trust what a man says if he is broke and living in a destitute situation, preaching that “God can deliver you, God will provide for you”. People kill me with their ideas of what a preacher should be or look. They (for the most part) should be the ones to have all the riches of the world. And use that money to influence and teach God’s people on how to acquire that wealth. So you question a rich pastor or preacher, but not Jay-Z’s wealth. Shouldn’t all the world riches be in the hands of God’s people? Most christians have this poverty mentality, but I promise you being impoverished is NOT of God, but its the enemies at play keeping you bound by you preconceived notions.

    • I'm ze true silver hare

      BUT i do agree that there are many false prophets and preachers who take advantage of innocent people’s docile ignorance. People should learn to judge for themselves, and learn from the Word who is truly anointed.
      Give tithe and offering; it is a sowing of a seed of your faith. Give what you can but give with good faith and grace, and give joyfully, i promise you will see blessings pouring your way within weeks. But any other money asked from you besides tithes and offering is a farce. Be Blessed, there’s nothing that God wants more.

    • Trini Sazon

      how can you compare a pastor to Jayz ..Jayz is a rapper has been for 13 years or so thats why hes rich he also owns roc-a fella records.50/50 club and other ventures what do pastors do but collect the donation for there homes and car notes give me a break ! all pastor live beyond there means big houses big cars what would How would say about that .. I been in God but pastors are crooks always will be even Rev Run is fishy although he was rich before he became a rev

    • Trini Sazon

      *what would God think about how pastors living beyond their means

  • Juliemango

    The word is priceless people only pay for the pastors lifestyles and the maintenance of the church building in the case of these two the continuation of their t.v time!!!

  • really?

    unfortunately, they can’t do it without the idiots that support them…the congregation and their families will go hungry rather than not donate their last dollar to the preacher’s annual Bentley fund… “not my pastor. No ser”

  • Wendy

    Can’t say I am shocked the new ponzi scheme is become a preacher, what continually amazes me is how some still buy into the madness, “many are called but few are choosen….. These individual do such a disservice to the word of “GOD”………………


    Phony a$$ prosperity pimps. What a shame.




  • Tcity

    I know for a fact he is a fraud and a fake.

  • I'm ze true silver hare

    James Thomas, Detroit don’t pick a church out of those qualities pay attention to it’s word and it’s belief that’s how you decide. If the pastor is wealthy ask him how he acquired his wealth ask him to teach you how you can open those gates of wealth. You should be as wealthy or even more wealthy than the pastor himself. If he can’t properly teach you how to obtain that same kingdom then you are in the wrong church. But fine go to a church where everybody is poor including the pastor and see if your situation changes. But again I promise you that is not of God.

  • I just don't know?

    The problem is God is missing from the entire equation. Prosperity teaching is greed, we were put on this earth to do good and help each. These dudes are why people don’t go to church and those that do go, go for the wrong reasons. No worries, it will all be over soon.

  • stop-still-study:..... and stand there

    another REV. CHICKEN-WING…..

  • Candid Canuck

    not a pastor. He’s a pimp.

  • afro british

    I agree, they look like the angels of death in those gowns.

  • jmagic

    who?and so,and you cant trust church people especially when there dressed like Zorro

  • Biship Pimp N. Hoez

    Fo a free blessing, send me yo check nikkaz!



  • culkn

    Let the readers say “amen.”

  • jzu christo

    “But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them – bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping” (2 Peter NIV).

  • nursedred

    I believe my pastor should try to be as Christ like as possible and Jesus was poor remember. Every donation should go to helping the poor and sick among us not keeping the pastor in a Benz. If youre rich you probably arent going to heaven doesn’t the bible say that

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