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Why is it called the “30 Deep” Gang if there are 40 members?? Niccas boy…

As the sun rose Monday, about 80 law officers gathered with “game day” enthusiasm, ready to fan out across metro Atlanta and round up bad guys.
Or what Deputy U.S. Marshal Gavin Duffy called “guys with a paradigm for violent crime.”

The marshals’ Southeastern Regional Fugitive Task Force had arrest warrants for 40 suspected gang members on charges ranging from minor probation violations to hard-core felonies. By Thursday afternoon, about 30 gang members were in custody as well as another dozen of their associates found with guns, drugs or their own pending warrants, marshals said.

“We have zero tolerance toward gangs,” Duffy said in a pep talk. “Any violation of the law, people go to jail today.”

The task force, comprising marshals, Atlanta police and other law officers, was timed to coincide with the murder trial of a suspected 30 Deep gang member in Fulton County Superior Court. Operation Zero Deep targeted that gang, as well as others.

Nationally, the U.S. Marshals Service has been teaming up with local agencies to round up fugitive gang members to disrupt their activities and help police identify the fugitives’ associates. It’s almost like an armed census.

“These guys aren’t hanging out with choir boys — they’re hanging out with gang members,” task force commander Keith Booker said. “We conducted numerous interviews with these guys during the operation so we’ll have a database we can go to.”

The teams of heavily armed agents rolled into neighborhoods in convoys of SUVs, hoping to catch gang members at home. But the mission’s logistics curbed much of the surprise. Atlanta police Sgt. Jeffrey Branum, a gang unit supervisor, nodded toward young people on cell phones as his convoy turned off Cleveland Avenue — the territory of Raised on Cleveland, a subset of 30 Deep. “They probably already know we’re here,” he said.

In one particularly entertaining moment:

As team members planned the next raid, they learned one of their 40 targets was strolling up the street toward them. An Atlanta officer couldn’t believe a wanted suspect could be so clueless as a sleepy-eyed Jason Scott looked up, wondering what all the fuss was about. “Talk about walking into a hornet’s nest,” the officer said to a gale of laughter.

Damn they act like they’re bout to play in the Superbowl! They sound like the type of cops that shot Oscar Grant and Amadou Diallo, calm yo azz down!




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