Some Father-Son Precious-ness: Which Celebrity Dad Has A Moment With His Son?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

Gotta love it when a father spends a little quality time with his kids and is able to catch moments like these… Lil Wayne and his son Dwayne Carter III were having a little bonding session when this moment for life was caught by the camerea….

Weezy F. “I Got A Lot Of Babies” may have been wreckless with his sperm donation but we have to admit… his actions when it comes to his parental duties have been on point!!!

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  • Asha

    Hey the way he treats his kids and the time he spends with them is all that matters. I’m glad we can say something good about him for once

  • girlygirl

    I hope he continues to make music bcuz there def gonna need his financial support. Nothing negative to say about someone doing there duties.

  • cmp2010

    so would u rather him not be there at all?? smh

  • rosshell

    jashon who ever you are first of all lil wayne may not be perfect but before he had these last three kids he has always been a good dad to his oldest child. there is no doubt he is a great rapper, very smart young man and he takes care of his family ( and yes he has alot of babies but he takes care of them) if he had to go on a block like he did back in the day to provide for his babygirl i’m sure he would but he dont gotta do that… stop hatin on a good fater like him and diddy they are single black men who have several children but they take care of them and they both take time out for there children whether they drink,party,have several women these two SINGLE FATHERS are still being responsible.

  • kidrebelny

    Weezy F “I’m gonna have more babies with other women besides black ones” Baby

  • jay

    Jashon-I agee 100%. An it is so sad that some people think he is a good father.A good father is meant to look after you everyday. Help you do your homework, fix your toys if they break and put you to bed everynight. A good father does the simple things.

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!

    Good Job Blackman, Good Job….So many follow lil wayne, and believe what is shown….I hope you young brothas learn seeing this moment…

  • karo

    Can,t do nothing but respect you for that, there should be more like you in this day and time. My hat goes off to all of you real men, keep,in it 100% with your children. Luvin it

  • Honesty

    That picture is adorable.

  • Simplescribble

    Jashon…preach! More of us need to set the bar higher than giving props to those who dole out child support checks and take time out for a random photo op.

    Being a real father takes so much more. We all know that most women cannot teach boys to be men. Expecting a man to “wife you” legally, isn’t just a dream. It should be our prerequisite before bearing his seed. Likewise men, if she isnt worth marrying, keep your seed and your money will stay in your pocket. Granted, situations aren’t

    perfect, and unmarried parents aren’t worse than married ones. But damn….know your worth.

  • Red Girl

    @ Jashon,
    I totally agree. Furthermore, that looks staged anyhow. Being a good dad is not about being “caught” spending time with your kids. If you need to be caught occasionally anyways, it probably means you’re not around enough for this to be common place. That is nothing to be proud of. There are tons of wonderful fathers out there so many of us know what it really means to have a good dad.

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