Mariah Carey Channels Her Inner Yardie To Tweet Her Near Baby Emergency Dat

- By Bossip Staff

Mariah Carey had a baby emergency scare for her birthday over the weekend, and immediately took it to Twitter to share the news with her “Lambs.”

On Saturday night, Mariah went to the hospital with some pre-term labor and would be getting her two bundles of joys as a 41st birthday gift (or 42nd, depending on who you ask). When she got home with her Double Gut Full O’ Cannon intact, she had this to tweet:

By “anniversary,” she means the anniversary of her birth, of course.

Even her androgynous BFF B. Scott got in on the Ja-fakin’ Twitter fun.

Glad to hear the babies are all good though. Can you imagine the amount of foolery that we would all be subjected to if Mariah and the twins shared a birthday though?

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  • Oooh Weee!!

    LOL @ “double gut full o’ Cannon”… That waz a good one!

    Glad everything’z okay – I can’t wait 2 see those babiez either… I know twinz make 4 rough pregnancy (or so I’ve heard), but u can tell she’z going 2 LOVE being a mom, so it’ll b beyond worth it!!

  • 223

    Pregnant broads are disgusting

  • Nana

    Well ‘Pon the baby OUT already!

  • staceface

    Lol I find it kind of cute I’m jamaican and a little flattered I love hearing when yanks try to speak patois word of advice mariah when its actually time then just tweet bomboclaaaat dem a come now

  • Nana

    Lol @staceface

  • *MrsTrevino*

    she*s gonna need a bre*st reduction cause those things are gonna hit the floor!

  • Opinionated Me

    When is she going to have those babies?!?!?! I sear it seems like she’s been pregnant for like a year


    glad she & her babies are doing well! 🙂

  • courtney

    shut the hell up this late in pregnancy particularly with twins or higher order multiples false labor is quite common though it happens with singletons also. at lest Mariah’s doctors got it under control and let her go home a couple of hours later had it progessed to contractions every 4 to 5 mintures she would’ve been admitted and given an emergency c-section to deliver the twins though she’s already scheduled for one a couple of weeks from now for medical reasons she had originally wanted a natural birth. my mom had a couple of episodes for false labor before she had me 12 days overdue which the twins won’t be

  • Christie_love

    Those babies sure blew Mariah up,she still looks beautiful .I am happy that things are well for Mariah,i have a feeling that the twins will arrive way before their late April due date. Best wishes for Nick and Mariah!

  • kc

    by anniversary she means her and nicks wedding anniversary SMH

  • Megadon

    I don’t think anyone really cares about her pregnancy. She’s a has-been whose career was flushed down the toilet by Eminem. lol Her marriage to that clown didn’t help her career either. Poor kids…I feel sorry for them having to be raised by those two losers. Hopefully the kids will be still born and the gene pool won’t be further tainted.

  • courtney

    um her due date was moved up a couple of weeks as is common with twins. her breasts will shrink eventually after birth because she’s not going to be nursing. um Mariah miscarried her first pregnancy at christma 2008 and was on progesterone after that until she was 3 months pregnant with the twins to help prevent antoher miscarriage stop being so insensitive. maybe the twins lungs weren’t fullly developed yet so it was safter to stop her labor than let them be born

  • sunshinescloset


  • courtney

    stop being so rude premature birth or the threat of it is dangerous to the healhy of both mother and children. so you guys being tough on her is basically saying you hope sh loses one of her babies which is heartless particularly because she’s had a miscarriage previously. of course at this point if anything major had gone wrong it would be considered a still born as shes over 8 months pregnant and it’s only considered a miscarriage until just before 5 months at 20 weeks

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