NY Times/CBS Poll: Obama is Up on The Old Man 53-39%

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The latest national poll has Obama splitting the old man’s wig:

Over all, the poll found that if the election were held today, 53 percent of those determined to be probable voters said that they would vote for Mr. Obama and 39 percent said they would vote for Mr. McCain. The McCain campaign’s recent angry tone and sharply personal attacks on Senator Barack Obama appear to have backfired and tarnished Senator John McCain more than their intended target, the latest New York Times/CBS News poll has found.

After several weeks in which the McCain campaign unleashed a series of harsh political attacks on Mr. Obama, trying to tie him to a former 1960s radical, among other things, the poll found that voters see Mr. McCain as waging a more negative campaign than Mr. Obama. Six in 10 of those surveyed said that Mr. McCain had spent more time attacking Mr. Obama than explaining what he would do as president; by the same margin voters said Mr. Obama was spending more of his time explaining than attacking.

It’s a little late in the game for the old man to be down this much and come back. No Cents, Jesse Jackson, and other useless negroes will have to bow down, there is a new star in town. Someone (Michelle too) we can be proud of and encouraged if our kids want to be like him.

Don’t get too excited, get your a*s up and vote November 4, people are known to lie when being asked who they would vote for. The ‘Bradley Effect’ is real.

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  • Seek the light beyond the shadows

    I am so proud of this Man. I love the fact that I can share this history with my children and let them know they can be what ever they want to be!!

  • ~*MahoganyGyrl (sorry Im from Brooklyn)*~

    ~*I can’t wait for Obama to become the First Black President of the United States. That would be the greatest accomplishment our Country has ever seen!!!! Finally we’ll “all” be EQUAL (Well atleast in my eyes) Good Job Obama, keep up the positive work.*~

  • Nurse GiGi

    The Tortoise always wins the race!!

  • blaq

    ATLANTA — Two weeks after temporarily sparing a Georgia inmate from the death penalty, the United States Supreme Court on Tuesday turned down the inmate’s appeal, a decision that will probably lead to a quick execution.

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    Georgia Department of Corrections

    Troy Davis


    With 2 Hours to Spare, Justices Stay Execution (September 24, 2008)

    The inmate, Troy A. Davis, was convicted in 1991 of murdering Mark Allen MacPhail, a Savannah police officer. The court’s decision, made without comment or explanation, allows Georgia officials to obtain a new death warrant and schedule a new date of execution, probably in the next few days or weeks.

    The case has led to an outpouring of support for Mr. Davis, largely because seven of nine witnesses against him have recanted their testimony, with two claiming police pressured them to testify against him. Prosecutors presented no physical evidence and no murder weapon, and three witnesses have said another man admitted to the murder.

    World leaders including former President Jimmy Carter, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Pope Benedict XVI have challenged the fairness of his conviction.

    “Georgia is willing to risk the credibility of its whole death penalty system in carrying out this one very questionable execution,” said Steven B. Bright, a visiting lecturer at Yale Law School and president of the Southern Center for Human Rights. “The death penalty should really only be enforced in cases where there is no question about guilt, and that just cannot be said about this case.”

    Prosecutors have rejected the claims of the recanting witnesses, and both the Georgia Supreme Court and the state Board of Paroles and Pardons have denied Mr. Davis’s requests for new trials and clemency. Members of the family of the slain police officer expressed relief at the Supreme Court’s decision on Tuesday.

    “My son will always be missed in our hearts,” said Anneliese MacPhail, the mother of Officer MacPhail. “But at least we can relax now and don’t have to worry about whether justice will be served.”

    The Supreme Court had granted a stay of execution last month, two hours before Mr. Davis was scheduled to die by lethal injection. A judge is expected to set a new time frame for the execution by next week, said Spencer Lawton, the district attorney in Chatham County, Ga., where the case originated.

    Mr. Davis’s lawyers had asked the court to determine whether the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment bars the execution of the innocent. They wrote in a petition in July that the case “allows this court an opportunity to determine what it has only before assumed: that the execution of an innocent man is constitutionally abhorrent.”

    Martina Correia, Mr. Davis’s sister, said his lawyers are planning their third request to the state parole board for a new hearing. “We have to keep on battling,” she said. “But my brother told me, ‘Even if they succeed in killing me, it will dismantle the death penalty system in Georgia because people are tired of injustice.’”

    Jared Feuer, southern regional director for Amnesty International, said he was “shocked and saddened.”

    “This decision shows how flawed and immoral the death penalty is,” he said. “The court had been asked to rule on the basic question of guilt and innocence and the constitutional right of an individual to not be executed when there is doubt of his guilt. The court ducked its obligation.”

    Officer MacPhail was shot and killed on Aug. 19, 1989 as he tried to break up a fight in a Burger King parking lot. Mr. Davis testified he was at a nearby pool hall and left before Officer MacPhail arrived.

    Mr. Lawton, the district attorney, said Mr. Davis received a fair trial and benefitted from “an international firestorm of public relations campaigning” on his behalf. He noted that Mr. Davis’s conviction had been upheld by “29 judges in seven different types of reviews, over the course of 17 years, before today’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

    Officer MacPhail was shot and killed early on the morning of Aug. 19, 1989, as he tried to break up a fight between two men in a Burger King parking lot. Several witnesses later testified that they had heard one of the men, Sylvester Coles, threaten the other and then begin pistol whipping him over the head.

    Officer MacPhail, who was moonlighting as a security guard, interrupted the fight and was shot before he could remove his gun. Mr. Davis testified he was at a nearby pool hall but left before Officer MacPhail arrived.

    But Ms. MacPhail said she is confident that Mr. Davis committed the murder. “He didn’t give my son a chance,” she said. “He just shot him down in cold blood.”

  • asil

    go obama stay positive and focus love you

  • j03y b

    hell chea! barack scorin on mccain baby arms havin ass

  • shavon denise

    We need to make it more!! Dont believe the hype! Lets vote because they are going to cheat (see 2000 election) so lets make it a landslide. Lets make it so Wisconsin and all those homely Northwest hysteric people be the only state McCain wins.

  • And.....(with 5 dots)

    Hold your horses here! The NY Times is a very liberal new org, so of course they are going to have Obama whoopin McCain’s ass. As much excitement that Obama has created, and as much as we want him to win, we have to be very cautious. There are plenty of shenanigans in the works to railroad Obama on election day. Also, let’s not forget that the Bradley Effect may indeed come into play….publicly white folks will say they are ready to vote for a Black president, but in the voting booth, they tell a different story.

    We all know Obama is the best candidate, but it’s not time to exhale just yet!

  • roosevelt taylor

    sounds good hope it will pan out that way

  • dayg715

    great news, but let’s not get complacent just yet. there are still 2 weeks left. that’s more than enough time for ANYTHING to happen. keep your eyes on the prize folks!!! Vote Vote Vote!!

    OBAMA ’08

  • Sweet and Sour

    where is everyone at?

  • Bus a Bus

    Yall better get yall black a$$es out and vote. Remember Kerry and Gore was winning intitial polls too!

  • I'm YO Mama's Favorite

    THIS IS A P.S.A.


    No ObamaGear at the voting booth!

  • JAKE aka DeSHAUN


  • Dude Wears YOUR BRAIN

    mcframe is old and ms. pain is insane in her membrane




  • deesac




  • Bringthanoize

    Polls(which can be manipulated like statistics) don’t mean ish or have you forgotten how the last 2 elections were stolen by Bush and company as per the GAO?

    Sheeple, the captive will be led to captivity, critical thinking is a must, truss.

    Btw @ chris hart- both candidates support a one world government ie NWO. Also, McCain’s father- Admiral John S. McCain Jr. Commander-in-Chief Naval Forces Europe was the one of the military folks who pressed for a quick investigation while deny investorgators access to vital particulars in relation th Israel attacking and destroying the USS Liberty- look it up.

    1967’s Operation Cyanide, inwhich Israel tried a false flag attack(USS Liberty) like 9/11 in order to blame another- in this case Egypt. “By way of deception thou shall wage war”- Mossads(Israel’s CIA) deparmental slogan- do the math.

    McCain is also deeply involved with Gordon Libby ie Watergate, so his Ayers rhetoric is able to be thrown right back at him not to mention that Palin’s husband belonged to an Alaskan independence political party(AIP) that wants to succeed(break away) from America- do the math. Is she considered patriotic? Is he considered to be palling around w/ terrorist?

    Vote Ron Paul or Green Party!!!!

  • Babu Abid Amil

    Barack Obama has the utmost support of the Muslim world. We accept him as a Muslim although he presents himself as an agnostic for political gain. Once he win office he will publicly display is support for our beliefs. Praise Allah

  • Bringthanoize

    Michelle Obama > Sarah Palin.lol

  • Uncle KraKKa

    @Babu Amid Amil

    Listen hear you camel jockey fool. Muslims are the most racist people and do be blunt we dont like your kind. Go back to your gas station and shut the hell up. heh heh

  • anonymous

    Doesnt everyone know he went to indonesia to study muslim for 6 years? Doesnt anyone understand what they teach in those madrasa’s? they teach you how to kill americans. All we care about is WOW hes a black person, and me being a black person myself am so ashamed of this race right now,that we care more about color then someones morals.

  • Marques

    Doesnt matter, obama will be taken out even if hes elected..just how people are these days. You cant win either way, if obama wins theres a riot cause the blacks are better,and if he loses a riot as well cause it was a racist vote lol. We black people think the white people owe us something, lol they dont.

  • Uncle KraKKa

    He is a racist. With a funny name like that I know he wants to kill us real Americans. Why wont he say the pledge of allegience????

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