Ivory Coast War Update: Laurent Gbagbo Captured In Violent Showdown

- By Bossip Staff

They were finally able to capture Gbagbo:

After a week of heavy fighting, forces backing Ivory Coast’s internationally recognized leader on Monday arrested strongman Laurent Gbagbo who had refused to leave the presidency despite losing elections more than four months earlier. The dispute over the presidency had pushed the world’s largest cocoa producer to the brink of a renewed civil war, with hundreds of civilians slain in postelection violence.

An eyewitness at the Golf Hotel where election winner Alassane Ouattara had been trying to run the presidency said he saw Gbagbo, his wife and son enter the hotel around midday Monday. The witness spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter. The long-awaited development came after French military forces in this former French colony deployed tanks Monday for the first time near a bunker at the presidential residence where Gbagbo had reportedly been holed up with his family.
Speaking on Ouattara’s private television station, Prime Minister Guillaume Soro said Gbagbo gave up when troops loyal to Ouattara entered Gbagbo’s compound. The station broadcast images of a serene Gbagbo sitting on his bed. It was not immediately clear if the images were made immediately after his capture.

A senior adviser to Ouattara said it was Ivorian forces who arrested Gbagbo and that French forces were on the perimeter. Cmdr. Frederic Daguillon, the French forces spokesman in Abidjan, said “there wasn’t one single French soldier at the residence of Laurent Gbagbo.” Ouattara’s radio station confirmed Gbagbo’s arrest. Official word first came from the French Embassy in Abidjan.

“It’s a victory … considering all the evil that Laurent Gbagbo inflicted on Ivory Coast,” Ouattara’s ambassador to France, Ali Coulibaly, said on France-Info radio. He emphasizing that the man in power for a decade would be “treated with humanity.”


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  • Ronny

    Yes! Now that house negro can take over

  • yvonne

    Its all over till the next coup in six months, this should teach all Africa leaders some lesson. Africans are tired of greedy selfish leaders, hope Mugabe is next.

  • lisa

    american are truly ignorant

  • go back to your beloved country

    Go home …lisa! Your just mad because america will not buy into your BS! Your new president made his deal Ok…now make him do his job! Nobody is giving anything to your bogus charity ….MAKE YOUR WEALTHY SHARE THE WEALTH!

  • kivu

    excuse my english :SAD DAY FOR BLACK PEOPLE …Gbagbo out, now France will continue with the help of the good boy Ouattara to steal this country! and for those who don’t know since 2002 the Rebels of Ouattara have killed
    many people …and know we have the first president who is recognised by the international community but not by the ivoirians and who came by the weapons…

  • John Brown

    The French used tanks and rocket firing attack helicopters to put their puppet house negro with the french wife into power . Hardly a ppls victory. The french are b*tches in ”real” wars . . germany, vietnam, algeria etc.

  • lola

    @go back to your beloved country
    you know that the interference is? Why the West spends his time to intervene in Africa, it’s just a story of interest, Ouatara was chosen by the West and not by the people, but you’re too naive to believe everything the media says

  • http://rea go back to your beloved country

    And you can go home with lisa! Get the F out! Talking that mess OBAMA IS PRESIDENT AND WILL BE RE-ELECTED. GO WHEREVER THEY WILL LET YOUR SORRY AZZ IN!

  • lola

    I’m totally agree with u

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  • go back to your beloved country

    Should you be on Twitter or FB rallying the troops? No we are not giving to any of those bogus charities! Africans always want to call people ignorant when they refuse to get into their latest war. EVERYBODY KNOWS ITS THE SAME OLD BS ONE GROUP OF BLACKS MAKE DEAL WITH WHITES TO KILL THEIR BROTHERS AND SH*T ALWAYS GOES WRONG. DUH…YOUR THE ONES THAT DONT GET IT!!! Sure they always put in who they want in!

  • gh_Mikie

    ((Amidst the blog commentary fighting and general ignorance)) ANYWHOS!! I think we can all agree that Gbagbo is Gone! Hallelujah, lets move on!!

  • Big Will

    Another rich greedy pig is gone ofcause he’ll end up on one of those muslem islands and leave as a king with his looted billions

  • Lydia

    The western medias (machine of propaganda) are now trying to portray Laurent Koudou Gbagbo, legitimate and constitutionally elected President of Ivory Coast, as a dictator, someone who was ready to bear any costs to remain in power. However… in situations like this, real dictators leave (Ben Ali, Mubarak, Moboutou etc..). It would have been easy for him to find refuge in the US (as offered by Obama) in South Africa or in Angola. Instead he decided to stay. Not because he is suicidal or a kamikaze, but to show to the face of the world, the true evil and hypocrit true nature of imperialism…

    Laurent Koudou Gbagbo and his wife Simone (alongside with friends and family) have shown today, what courage and honor really means.

    He proves that he was not in it for himself, but for his people..

  • Tyler M

    Gotta love Jason. Hee haw!

  • grave!

    Is there a brain in your head?

  • lisa

    @ go back to your beloved country
    go eat a buger, you’re ignorant as a chair or a door

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