Things Every Woman Should Learn To Do On Her Own

- By Bossip Staff

Whether you had a father who did all of the activities he deemed too masculine for you and your mother or you’re the perpetually involved type who’s always had a man to take care of things, we women can be pretty spoiled. Most of us aren’t complaining; but if you ever find yourself without a man around to take care of things, make sure you’re able to fend for yourself.

Here are a few skills that might come in handy. (Continue reading…)

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  • Atm

    1.Pay your own dam n cable bill

  • artdude01

    For starters:
    1. Cook
    2. Clean
    3. Change a tire
    4. Give good head
    5. Shut up sometimes
    6. Listen
    7. Think for herself
    8. Pay her own bills
    9. Not tell her business
    10. Be a good hostess

  • Sa.s.sy24

    make smart investments

    • artdude01

      U need money 2 invest. Nobody invests the milk, bread, and rent money.

  • Tm30

    I’ve always been the one stuck with the task of negotiating deals in the family. I thought men were supposed to do this, I learned quick, if I want it done right I had better do it myself.

  • E-ccentric

    The list works, except women should learn how to negotiate a the purchase of a home….not car!

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