The Kid Who Became Our President: Snapshots Of Barry-O And The Fam

- By Bossip Staff

Way before it became popular, Obama’s mom got her swirl on. The New York Times did a seven page feature on Stanley Ann Dunham, the mother of our current President (yep, her name was Stanley).

Inside the article summarized Dunham as:

a girl with a boy’s name who grew up in the years before the women’s movement, the pill and the antiwar movement; who married an African at a time when nearly two dozen states still had laws against interracial marriage; who, at 24, moved to Jakarta with her son in the waning days of an anticommunist bloodbath in which hundreds of thousands of Indonesians were slaughtered; who lived more than half her adult life in a place barely known to most Americans, in the country with the largest Muslim population in the world; who spent years working in villages where a lone Western woman was a rarity; who immersed herself in the study of blacksmithing, a craft long practiced exclusively by men; who, as a working and mostly single mother, brought up two biracial children; who believed her son in particular had the potential to be great; who raised him to be, as he has put it jokingly, a combination of Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi and Harry Belafonte; and then died at 52, never knowing who or what he would become.

While we were disturbed by some of the decisions Dunham made (like leaving her son behind in Hawaii for his grandparents to raise) we really raised our eyebrows on this anecdote:

Over lunch, Barry, who was 9 at the time, sat at the dining table and listened intently but did not speak. When he asked to be excused, Ann directed him to ask the hostess for permission. Permission granted, he got down on the floor and played with Bryant’s son, who was 13 months old. After lunch, the group took a walk, with Barry running ahead. A flock of Indonesian children began lobbing rocks in his direction. They ducked behind a wall and shouted racial epithets. He seemed unfazed, dancing around as though playing dodge ball “with unseen players,” Bryant said. Ann did not react. Assuming she must not have understood the words, Bryant offered to intervene. “No, he’s O.K.,” Ann said. “He’s used to it.”

“We were floored that she’d bring a half-black child to Indonesia, knowing the disrespect they have for blacks,” Bryant said. At the same time, she admired Ann for teaching her boy to be fearless. A child in Indonesia needed to be raised that way — for self-preservation, Bryant decided. Ann also seemed to be teaching Barry respect. He had all the politeness that Indonesian children displayed toward their parents. He seemed to be learning Indonesian ways.

Now you see how Barack takes all them shots from the Republican haters without even flinching…

Read the full article HERE

Check out photos of the President and his family from his childhood:

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  • Im ReALiST Momma...Romper la Cabeza putas ?

    he look like his granpappy!

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    • AMBER


      your obviously a jealous dark skinned black man that speaks fluent ebonics, has a mum and dad who only met ONCE. And have a fear of white men and now biracial men. im sorry to say, but i hope you know that you darkskin black men are ruining it for yourselves. stop being so insecure about your colour and social status and grow a backbone.

  • chicamami69

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    its funny how black men call him an “albino ape”.
    jealous much ???

    • chaka1

      I love our albino ape! Go Obama!!! Show them all how a REAL MAN does it…


    A little boy growing up to be president is something that will never happen to a Puerto kid. It would for a white latino.

    • Im ReALiST Momma...Romper la Cabeza putas ?

      shut your simple monkey up!

  • Palest Latina

    Obama looks a lot like his grandfather.

  • WHY2K?

    Let the racist post Begin..SMH

  • Im ReALiST Momma...Romper la Cabeza putas ?

    where is his black friends !

  • Im ReALiST Momma...Romper la Cabeza putas ?

    he’s our first hawaiian prez that look black…he didnt claim black then and dont now !

    • chaka1

      Satan, please get on the next bus back to hell. Thank you…

    • ReALiST i love it when you call me big POPPA!

      sorry my mom got my computer!

  • MsBerriGirlV

    Why is everybody so racist! Racism gets us NOWHERE…. Think before you let yopur opinion out into the world and consider if it helps someone or brings them down and if it brings peoplr down then nobody need to hear it or care.

  • Uhh yeah ok

    I like that little story.

  • JayJay Growlings

    in the pic with his grandfather at the beach, the white kid in the back looks like he’s about to throw the stick at Barack ” git off him nig.ger!!”

  • collegirl12

    He was an adorable child. It looks like he had a happy childhood despite growing up mixed and the racial stigmas that he endured. And yep he defintely looks just like his grandfather, the ears, face and head shape.

  • Ok

    Obama look just like his grand-daddy except Obama got dark skin. Look at the beach pic, look at the grandfather’s face. That is exactly what Obama looks like now except with dark skin.

  • Cabo Verde+ Senegal

    Pride of Africans all over the world!!

    • Kenedy

      I’m listening to some Nelson Freitas right now:) yes:)

    • Cabo Verde+ Senegal


      I would like to recommend Cesaria Evora and Youssou N’dour

  • Ok

    Oh and black Americans having 25% caucasian blood no its less than that. I am from Jamaica and my grandmother was a white jamaican of english and scottish descent so that makes me 25% white and I look more mixed than Obama. Many ppl think I am half white.

  • Shilee

    he has the cutest lil brown color, cuz some mixed kids look TOO pale but I love his color!!!

  • SMH

    Actually it isn’t, many African Americans have great greats that were mixed on both sides…so 25% is about accurate. I have about 5% caucasian, and 25% native american, and my complexion is a deep caramel.

  • onesmartchickee

    How about his pure Kenyan father? I mean our President is no longer a child and therefore taller and bigger than most miniature Latins. I’ve never seen a well…6 foot tall, 280 pound muscular Latin, have you?

  • lively09

    Very Handsome President. He does look alot like his grandfather.

  • ReALiST i love it when you call me big POPPA!

    I must apologize for my mom bad behavior..she got a hold of my computer when i went to my boo house ..this the real Realist /..sorry chaka!

  • sholla21

    Mama sure liked to travel and Barry looked like a happy child.
    I love Barack H. Obama II.

  • Northern Cali Honey

    Lovely to see his background, EMBRACE who you are!!

  • Get Real

    Very interesting article. Now I understand why he is so calm and how easily he let the racist taughts from a-holes like Glenn Beck just roll off him.

  • moonbeam

    because of ignorant folks like those on here and in our country, i see why racism and hatred will never be erased.

  • Honut Sinti

    Obama: handsome little boy then, handsome man now.

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