Sextra: My Husband is Too Gentle!

- By Bossip Staff

Hello Bossip! I promise I’m going to keep this short and to the point. My husband and I just celebrated out second year of marriage and I’m so proud to be his wife and to say that he is my husband. I have been blessed with such a wonderful man and father and I couldn’t have picture a better partner for my life. We have our issues but our communication is solid enough to work through the kinks. What I’m really trying to say is that I love him and our life together. The problem that I’m having is in the bedroom. We make love all the time and we share an intimacy that I’ve never had before but everything is so gentle and slow moving in a sense. I’m a little wild and he’s more laid back which I don’t have a problem with but I want to be manhandled every once in a while. I think every woman wants her man to just take it and have his way her. I don’t see anything wrong with talking dirty and showing a little aggression! I won’t break and he can be a little rough with me! I don’t know if talking about this will offend him and I’d really prefer to just show him or drop enough hints so he gets the picture. Do you have any suggestions on how I do this? I’m at a loss and any advice would be nice! Thank you!

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  • Redbonelicious

    This is an easy fix she says they have great communication.. so just let him know you would like to be man-handled every now and then 😉

  • Michael


  • WithAllHonesty

    I was wit you for a lil bit; then you just got a lil psychotic–ain’t nan female I been with down for that.

    But we are all thankful for the advice LMAO.

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    Lol@ team nymphis:
    Didn’t she know that before she marry him? If they are good at communicating why can’t she she tell him what she wants in bed?

  • jdmann

    She should be careful of what she wishes for. There are dominate thugs out there who would be more than happy to whip that azz, beat the puzzy up, make her say uhhhhh.

  • G.M.

    too much??? lol XD

  • foreallydoe

    I think most women like it like that more often than not. I remember the first time a girl told me her stuff was sore after a session. I was young and I was about to apologize but then I looked at her and she’s smiling from ear to ear. That’s when I knew what time it was.

  • Allie

    She must be afraid of hurting her man’s feelings or something cuz this should not even be an issue, girl just get in there and say what you have to say to him, he cannot read your mind and you can’t expect him to

  • real rap


  • clarkthink

    yeah,……I had a woman who told me…”I want you to make love to me and knock me out”……so, I f*ck’d her twice and hit her in the head with a bottle!!……that did it!!

  • team nymphis


    Then why y’all be screamin eww eww slo down you in my stomach

    • WithAllHonesty

      I know! pushin’ on your abs and not lettin’ you go all the way in and sh!t lol!

      Can’t take half of what they’re asking for.

    • dream on

      as if you both had the d*ck to do that. The question you guys hear most often is: “Is it in yet??!” ROFLLMAO

  • Y'all Be Trippin'

    You have got to be joking me….just tell the man what you want.

    You KIDS have no business getting married if you are too immature to learn how to speak honestly to your spouse.

    Divorce in … 5 – 4- 3- 2-

    Oh and @GM – the cops is going to put that azz in jail you keep treating women like that.

    • G.M.

      fucc the police…i got my bail money ready lol XD

  • Dat sum reel N*gga Sh*t!

    LOL! ooo Lawd sound like you got sum goot p***y! Forealdo!

  • Christie_love

    That lady need to count her blessings,her husband loves and cherishes his wife that much that he treats her with respect. Hopefully,she will not change him for the worse.@G.M:Wow,your bedroom style is too rough! Be careful.

  • JaYe

    Now I Personally like It Rough Every Now And Then My Self… ESPECIALLY Gettin My Hair Pulled! ;-)P

  • MissDaniBaby


  • Robert

    So funny.

  • ayo


  • Teal_Blade

    too gentle? yeah okay..ride ya butt down to BMore..mkayy.. We will GLADLY take your soft hand man..all these men are CRAZY..

  • Teal_Blade

    cott dayummit.. I’m tryin to find somebody that’s NOT TRYIN TO BITE MY GENITALS OFF!!

  • dominate introvert

    While we’re sexing, I just let my husband know I want to get f ucked harder and he knows that’s his que to bend me over and f uck my brains out. That’s when the water works start flying.

    Just tell him what you want while you’re doing it and everything should hopefully work out.

  • dem crazzy hoes

    Bang it out….shred it up…..give that uterus a black eye every time you hit that! By 35 the doctor will have her azz on the table cutting out what’s left of her uterus putting it in the trash can. Banged out female get ready to leak pee when you laugh!

  • go away

    pls go ahead & stfu 🙂 you sound ignorant. thank you

  • bboy

    woman (humans for that matter) are never satisfied!

    • dream on

      especially not when it comes to grammar

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