Nerds Rejoice: The White iPhone 4 Is Dropping On Wednesday

- By Bossip Staff

One day Apple will rule the world, and they’re almost there with everybody going crazy over every product that they drop. Well this Wednesday, we’ll see more lines outside of Apple stores as the iPhone 4 is rumored to be dropping in a white version.

For some reason, the craze is off the charts for a white iPhone, so nerds around the world will be ready for this product when it drops. There’s another tidbit of news coming from this revelation: since the white iPhone 4 will be coming out this week, expect the iPhone 5 to come out sometime in the fall. Start lining up now.

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  • cmp2010

    that thang is ugly

    • alicekii85

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  • Shanice

    Love it!

  • Naaa

    I can’t wait!!!! Am excited as HELL!!!!!!!!

  • lucylu


    Although, Im a broke nerd right now.

  • big c

    Wow like sheep yall run to stores buying this over hyped phone when you have phones right now with better features.

  • http://deleted KARRMA


  • Jenny

    I just bought the new IPad2 and mine is white. I’m an avid book reader so I love being able to download books and build my collection, plus my internet works faster than the one on my desktop. Perfect for long trips.

  • Jadonnie Ava Marie

    Screw an iphone team blackberry for me all day lol

  • Dwayne Wayne

    Appaholisim :

    That feeling you get when you misplace, get disconnected, lose your charger or break your smart phone. . . . .
    or leave it at the pad it with wife/girlfriend.
    Worse symptoms than a crack head

  • Allie

    I like it, regardless of everyone’s opinions i still really want an iphone especially this one, it has a really clean, smooth look to it, so it fits me to a T, i don’t like a lot of complexities when it comes to electronics especially not phones

    • StillaPC

      I thought i wanted one too, but honestly I hate phones that are all touchscreen. Texting is just not the same- Its much faster and accurate when you can feel the keys (In my experience anyway).

      the white really does look good though.

  • xclusive

    Love it

  • dominate introvert

    I’ll just stick with my black one.

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