End Of Days: The Updated Death Toll From Wednesday’s Storms Is Now Just Short Of 300 People

- By Bossip Staff

Things went from bad to worst yesterday when clean-up efforts from Wednesday’s storms began in Alabama.

The tornadoes roared into cities like runaway freight trains, devouring houses, leveling entire neighborhoods and burying people who scrambled to get away under mounds of dirt and rubble.

The twisters ripped through six states killing at least 297 people — 210 in Alabama alone — in the deadliest outbreak of tornadoes in almost 40 years.

Rescuers used pieces of debris as makeshift stretchers for survivors. Relatives frantically tried to find family members who were missing. And those who did survive were in shock at what they saw around them.

“There’s not a word for what you see,” said Becky Russell, spokeswoman for the Salvation Army’s Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi (ALM) Division as she surveyed the damage in Tuscaloosa. “This has to be close to what a war zone looks like. I can turn in any direction and there is nothing normal standing.”

Alabama had confirmed 195 deaths, Gov. Robert Bentley said. The other deaths were in Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and Kentucky.

SMH. Our thoughts are with the families and communities mourning and preparing to rebuild.


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  • sunshinehaze

    Sh*t Happens.

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  • amberhoes

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  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Did they live in trailers? Were there no bomb shelters or other places to go? Were they outside instead of at home when a tornadoe warning was going on? I dont get it.

  • Throughthestorm

    @ChynaPeach The main places hit were apts. so the whole trailer park thing is way off. Most people where in resturants and in the most sad case little kids were outside playing because the warnings stopped and the sun came out. Alberta, Rosedale, 15th street places you may not know about is gone tragic.



    • GA Peach



    I live in Birmingham, so keep us
    houses, and apts.. And be careful 
    how you speak, you never know
    what may come to your city

  • alabama pride

    @Chyna: is doesn’t matter where they lived or how they live. The point of the matter is that a TORNADO came through and demolished lives! You must be young and naive to make such a comment. I will pray for you as well.

  • Luvinna

    You r all in my thoughts and prayers. It’s so horrible what has happened. The loss of life and property. I was just there a month ago. The south is a beautiful place with lovely people. Don’t let the idiots get to u.


    Bo-ss-ip stop with the nonsense, the ancient pagans knew that the end of days, when Jesus (the SUN, the SUN of God, The light of the world, The prince with a crown of thorns(sun rays)) returns is the day when our Sun can no longer sustain this planet, not when some mythical man in the sky returns, because one single solar flare can wipe every living organism on this planet. This on the other hand is just weather, and in case you didnt know, weather is CAUSED BY THE SUN

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    You dont have to pray for me sweetz. I ive In Ga and could have already been hit as hard as Al,but wasnt. Lol at everyone who takes everything to heart. Why the hell would you be out and about during a tornadoe? Most places that were messed up were stores and apartments. It was a refrence of Twister you nitwits.

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Oh and Ga has been hit with hurricanes and floods for years that have lasted longer than that one night and yet 200+ werent killed. Maybe its because we were smart enough to either stay inside or leave the state.

    • DubCgal

      You do sound young and ignorant ChynaPeach. Not everyone hears the warnings on the radio and tv when there’s a threat of tornados. When they came through NC the weekend before last a LOT of people where caught off guard. Not everyone stays glued to the TV, also the sun was out in my neighborhood but people were loosing their lives 10 minutes away from me. In addition, please learn how to spell tornado, a previous poster tried to help your a$$ out and you still came back and spelled it incorrectly. SMH

    • ~ChynaPeach~

      Lol that was a typo,it was missing the s jackarse. And You dont have to be glued to the tv or radio. There was a warning for the past two days. Just because the sun came out doesnt mean the tornado somehow turned around. Its not a hurricane. So now who sounds ignorant? The sun came out? With that mentality no wonder people were still out and about. “Look everyone, the sun is out. All is well!” Lmaoooo you people kill me.

  • Observer

    ****Hey -O – remmemba Katrina? Soooo -where’s FEMA now? Jest a foto op******

  • DubCgal

    Whoops, I mispelled the plural form, I meant tornadoes. But you still mispelled tornado. I can admit my mistakes!

  • Observer

    Sayd Im going there alone —seems the fam was along for a vacayyy on FL coast*****

  • Reka_baby

    I’m from AL and I was in Tuscaloosa at the time of the storm. I’m a student at UA. Tuscaloosa is destroyed. It looks as if nothing ever stood in the piles of debri. I’m just not getting out of there. I’m one of the lucky ones. My friends’ homes are demolished. My friends’ families are missing. Some of my friends are still missing…….we need y’all prayers and help y’all

    • GA Peach

      I’m praying for all of you there.

  • dee

    So sorry about the loss of life, there in a better place now.
    God help us all, we are in for some shit.

    • dee


  • clarissa


  • PrattCityStrong

    No, we all don’t live in trailers. Most of the homes in my neigborhood were built partilly underground and it still demolished all of our neighborhood.Ignorant bloggers, STFU and sit down, I pray that you never have to go through what we just went through, I am lucky to be alive… negativity in those types of situations can get you killed. Also, it wasn’t just “apartment and stores” that were damaged. I had a nice 4 bedroom 2 bath home in an all black neighborhood, had just been remodeled like most of the homes and it wasn’t leveled thank god, but the homes next to us and behind us are no more. Thanks for the prayers of the positive people on here.

  • Observer

    ****O left, on to FL vacay****
    Did look dressed for beach****
    Not hatin- never hatin, jest observing – and it ain’t looking cool*******

  • http://Bossip.com Nene87

    I hate it when people act like what happen isnt nothing when will we learn people.

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