For Discussion: Does This Whole Bin Laden Situation Really Mean Anything?

- By Bossip Staff

All day, every single media outlet – including us, we know – has been talking about Osama bin Laden’s death…

How he died, how he was found, how he was buried, what George W. Bush thought, what Donald Trump had to say, how it made Rush Limbaugh have a change of heart and how the whole birther movement just got a massive “Ho Sit Down.”

People have celebrated in the streets. Mourners reminisced about those we lost on September 11. A suspicious package was investigated in Times Square.

But now that you’ve had almost 24 hours to think about it, do you think Osama bin Laden’s death really changes anything?

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  • JM@gic(Trini Americans Unite)

    ITs not gonna stop those looneys,crazy never stops just ask black men


    Not until Al-Cracka is taken out!!!

    • IceT

      AMEN,you got that right,the worlds greatest terrorist.

  • Iyan

    1 Bin Laden down? 1000 more will take his place. He has had decades to preach his hatred to anyone who would listen and follow, the war on terror will never be over.

    • sugar/spice

      PREACH, they are a very structured, organized establishment. They’ve had leaders trained 10 years ago to take his place

  • Juliemango

    Hopefully it changes future voters minds in obamas favour/he can count on more naysayers support in the next election n unfortunately terrorist leadership changes. Change never ends, somebody said the only constant is change world events prove said person is right!!!

  • Low self esteem hoe

    No it does not! It won’t prevent another teroristic attack that’s for sure! It does not mean anything for obama bcuz the government have been trying to capture Osama way before Obama became president! It was bush’s idea so he needs to get props for that… After like 10 years!

    • Kim

      No, Bush was not worried about Bin Laden…he was too busy gettin our troops killed in Iraq looking for WMDs that didn’t evene exist! Bush even said that he wasn’t even trying to catch Bin Laden! He had the chance & he didn’t do it cause he wanted to keep the war going in Iraq.

      Obama deserves all the credit for this (along with the seals/ CIA, etc). He had been working on catching Bin Laden, he carefully planned their attack & what to do once he was dead. Obama did what Bush wasn’t trying & didn’t even care to do!

  • Lauren

    Fvck this shyt!! Nobody gives a fvck. If you not Obama, on Obama’s administration, a NAVY SEAL, or Bin Laden’s relatives or close contacts then you shouldn’t give a fvck about this bulls!ht!!!

    • Kim

      Well you tell that to the families of those that died on 9/11 and the families of the thousands of Soldiers that died in combat in this war. Also tell that to all the Soldiers that are, have, & will be deployed often several times and tell it the tens of thousands of Soldiers injured in this war whose lives will NEVER be the same!

      It doesn’t matter to you because you don’t give a rats a** about the sacrifice people have made so you can have the right to use your free speech & enjoy the freedoms of the US! I say, if you think it’s so bad here, move to Canada, or Afghanistan!

  • diane

    Lauren is that you

  • jag

    In answer to your question. Yes, it means more suic!de bombers. After all these years they should have kept his death quiet. Now extremists and lunatics will see him as a martyr and will seek revenge. I’m sure this will be used as another excuse to start the next phase of this w@r on terr@r, Now that the public has been suitably riled up

  • me


  • clarissa

    Ecclesiastes 12:13-14
    Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is man’s all. For God will bring every work into judgment, Including every secret thing, weather GOOD or EVIL.

  • spin

    It means nothing except an ego boost for the white male imperialist establishment!

    As long as the white imperialists exist, opposition to them will…. thus there are many more Osama’s out there, who don’t mind dying for the cause… So No, it means an ego boost for America and its imperialist allies,( less than 20% of the worlds population) and the rest of the world dopesn’t really give a damm!

  • Treal

    @kim It matters for the familys and I’m glad they got their very “shaky and questionable” vindication, but what about all the other issues and problems ALL americans have to deal with right now. The majority of us are unable to sustain a life at the bare minimum, and Obama’s been in office for 2 years. What happen to bringing our boys home theyre atill out their. Why r these gas prices so damn high. I’m sure a lot of the familys are atruggling as well. And If people use this bull–im sorry even the familys of 911- to vote for him next term that would be really dissapointing.

  • Treal

    Lol try to ignore all my errors

  • trina

    I doubt if he’s really dead. He’s been MIA for ten years and now they found him! B.S…….the government is full of ish.

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