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While Randy and Jermaine’s baby mama continue to give Catherine hell, Janet was recently spotted out making nice with her illegitimate sister Joh’Vonnie.

We know that raises some questions for a lot of you. And while we cannot possibly explain to you why this poor baby was named “Joh’Vonnie,” we can certainly revisit where she came from: this Dirty Dog x Sideline ho coupling…

Back in ’09, Joh’Vonnie took her story to UK tabloid The Mirror.

She was born in 1974 during a 25-year affair between Jackson family patriarch Joe and mum Cheryle Terrell.

In her early 20s JohVonnie even moved in with Joe in Las Vegas when he lived away from the family home.

His wife Katherine knew of the affair but her devotion to the Jehovah’s Witness faith led her to forgive him and accept JohVonnie.

La Toya Jackson claimed in her memoirs Growing Up In The Jackson Family that Katherine referred to JohVonnie as a “bastard child”. Yet JohVonnie found Katherine incredibly warm, even letting her and Yasmine stay in the family home in Encino, California.

And she ended up calling her “mother” like the rest of the clan.

JohVonnie explained: “I hung on to what La Toya had said.

“But then I met Katherine and I couldn’t even see her saying anything like that about me. She was really nice to me.

“I think she was very hurt at the time of the affair. That’s totally understandable. No woman likes for her husband to go cheating on her and produce a child. It was probably heart-breaking.

“But she had come out of that, she let me live in her home, me and my daughter, and I took care of her home when she was not there. We’ve cooked together and have had good conversations.”

JohVonnie says she is also “ very, very close” to Rebbie. However, her relationship with the rest of her famous brothers and sisters is very different. She said: “I met Janet when I was 15. I saw her that one time and it was clear she never wanted to have a relationship with me. I couldn’t really understand why.

“She was staring at me and checking me out and as soon as she heard me call Joseph ‘Daddy’, she switched off, turned her back and never spoke to me again.”

Things were just as difficult with La Toya. She said: “I would be shopping in a department store and would see La Toya.

“But I couldn’t go to talk with her because I didn’t feel she wanted to talk to me.”

JohVonnie added that her childhood was soooo hard because she was Michael Jackson’s sister. And that Michael pretty much ignored her when she visited Neverland. Poor attention-whoring baby.

We’re glad her dream of getting close to one of her rich famous beloved siblings finally came true.



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