C’mon Son! Some Of Hip-Hop’s Biggest Fails

- By Bossip Staff

There are millions fails in Hip-Hop. But some become instant classics and are the kind of fails that can really impact an artists’ career.

For better or for worst (mostly worst), many of these Hip-Hop emcees were the laugh of the internet for days, weeks, and months from their embarrassing fails.

Head to HipHopWired.com to see which ones were the most memorable and will always be apart of Hip-Hop history.

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    • kalifa

      lil mama was funny as hell….she is the bravest person in the world to do that sh!t….you know jigga wanted to punch her in the face πŸ™‚

  • Pyler Terry

    look at dem mennnnsss kissin

  • dba

    every time i see that pic of lil wayne and baby kissin it makes my stomach hurt!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!

  • it is what it is

    the comments on here are ok, but i’d rather give a mofo point of view on askamofo.com, a “pro black women website.”

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  • tired of this trend

    “For better or for worst”? it’s WORSE ppl, WORSE! it’s not hard I keep seeing this all over FB. shlt i abbreviate errything but I’m tired of stupid ppl!!!

  • TWO nigguhs lip kissing , and a retarded b!tch jumping on stage uninvited at somebody's performance ....

    … nigguhs behaving badly, what’s NEW

  • Sugarpie

    You forgot Snoop’s pre-adolescent girl’s hairdo with the balls on the end. How could anyone take him serious with a do like that? And Weezy, even fathers and sons do NOT kiss each other on the lips, especially after a certain age. Can’t take you seriously either.

  • Queen of Pop

    Two men kissing each other is a FAIL, but black ignorant NEGRO BEEF that has KILLED two FOOLS (Pac & Biggie)is what’s up?? Blacks would rather see two black men KILLED rather than see them KISS. No HELP or HOPE for the black race in general!LOL! Thank GOD I live in a 99% WHITE GATED neigborhood FREE from the NEGRO PROBLEM. LOL!

    -A GAY black man.

  • shynehead

    Baby kissing wayne in the mouth… Wayne & baby are members of the Gay Mafia.

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