Are You Feelin’ Ricky Rozay’s Silky Colorful And Young Fitting Getup?

- By Bossip Staff

Rick Rawse “Like Sauce” and his Maybach Music Group cohorts appeared on BET’s “106 & Park” show Monday to promote their new album Self-Made We’ve had the album for about a week now and we like it — except for Wale’s verses. They could have left those off.

Hahaha we keed! we keed! While Pill and Meek Mill kept their clothing subdued, we like how Rozay is one big man whose not afraid to rock a busy print — in pink at that! Are You Feelin’ This Getup?

If you were to hit one of these classy gentlemen, which would it be?

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  • 7lady

    That’s apart of his whole italian mafia swag. Black folks kill me boyy. Why we gotta ride everybodys d*ck? We got more charisma than the entire world.

    • auto

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    • Brown Barbie

      Italian mafia swag? No, this is a Miami swag. These jackets are very popular here, very Versace. We can’t wear full on jackets because it’s too hot, so this is what we wear. I think he’s actually trying to represent Miami with what he has on.

  • SuMmErbAbYkEe

    Actually Rozay look better than I thought n tht outfit…looks like he’s “cut back”. Nd is Wale’s verses really wack??? 😦 Gosh, I hope not….I like Wale

  • Tia

    So Miami!

  • Denny

    He’s got a very good sense of style and dressing with that said he’s still a down low C.O. lol.. Rozay!! thats my nick name hahaha..

  • It's Me

    Ross looks like he loosing weight. Betta get that shyt off as it ain’t healthy for ya…

  • undressingHER

    I gotta say, Ross is a fly dude. I wouldn’t wear this particular jacket, but on average, I’d say I like the stuff he wears. I still don’t get why the stuff they rap about is being marketed to the 14 yr old girls in the 106 audience.

  • B




  • beautiful.

    Left Wale verses off??

    Wale is the best thing on that album.

  • ChynaDoll

    I love me some Wale all day.

  • Fear of a Black Nation

    You can only do that and wear all white in Miami

  • ....age?

    dont you think your a little to old to be dressing this way…

    i know they want to appeal to the youth , but the youth know how to bootleg better and more frequent then the older cats…

    bottomline: your dressing like your 18…wen you look damn near 40 lol..

  • Jada

    Meek Mills CAN get it !!!

  • OneTightSista

    That jacket is Versace all day! And Big Boy is rosckin it…I like it, cant wear t-shirts all ya dang life.

  • opinion-ate-it

    That whole crew looks whack

  • Master Piece

    No Mr. Rozay didn’t just commit the ultimate crime of fashion… Looking like blueberry and raspberry cotton candy, reminds me of being at the fair, lol. At least he got a shirt on.

  • von

    Yea he smells like sweaty MONEY hater.

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