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Thank Goodness For Summer: Look At These Stars With Their Daisy Dukes On!

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Thank goodness the Rapture didn’t come this weekend…because we would have missed the summer! That means we would have missed out on tight clothes, tank tops and, most importantly, daisy dukes. Don’t believe in the majest of dukes? Just look at these stars rocking the short shorts.

Megan Fox – This is a good news, bad news situation. Summer means that Megan gets to rock these tiny little things. But it also means she can’t wear gloves to cover up those jacked up thumbs. We’ll still take it.

Rihanna – She doesn’t have the biggest cakes or boobies but her legs do the trick. Possibly the best daisy duke picture on the list comes from Rih Rih. They’re so nice that they made the cover of Rolling Stone. That’s special.

Beyonce – Daisy dukes and high heels should go together like peanut butter and jelly. Speaking of jelly…yeah…nevermind.

Meagan Good – Meagan has underrated cakes, but she has them nonetheless. The boots are an interesting choice, but we’re in support of her choice of pants.

Katy Perry – She looks like a mannequin or a Barbie, with those perfect legs. Keep on rocking the dukes, please! We wonder if those legs are Sesame Street approved.

Lil Kim – Kim, who usually wears a lot of clothes so it’s rare when she sports something like daisy dukes. So we did some research and found this pic. Enjoy?

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Mariah Carey – See what we mean by high heels and dukes? We see why she got those stems insured for enough money to buy her own country.

Amber Rose – When you can see her thigh tattoo that’s when you know she’s got on some lovely pants on. Wiz, you lucky devil.

J. Lo – It’s just unfair for her to wear such small shorts. Secret: she’s actually wearing long jeans but her rumpus swallows them up.

Jessica Simpson – She’s country as Hell so she rocks the old school daisy dukes. Who knows exactly what she’s doing in this picture…it’s like the Stanky Leg ho-down.

Serena Williams – Tennis players usually rock the skirts, but when Serena had this superhero jumpsuit on, the world was a more beautiful place.



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