Rumor Control: Kirstie Alley Admits She Is Down With The Swirl But Says 20 Is Too Young For Her Cougar Lovin’

- By Bossip Staff

Actress and “Dancing With The Stars” finalist Kirstie Alley was on Wendy Williams show today and she let it be known she is down to give the brothers the business… As if we didn’t already know that!! Wendy asked Kirstie about dating younger men and also questioned her about a photo where she’s holding hands with a young black man — who was not Romeo:

WW: Much has been made about your age which I think is a great representation, does it bother you that people say, 60, 60, 60?

KA: I’m ready to kill people!

WW: You seem to like young men!

KA: No, I really don’t!

WW: Who’s that black man in the picture? We have it! Let me ask you something …we have this picture…

KA: Are you asking me if I’m down with the swirl?

WW: Yes, are you down with the swirl?

KA: I could totally get down with the swirl…

KA: That’s Shanty [sp?] First of all between us I’ll just set the record straight, he’s 20, I don’t do 20, I didn’t when I was 20 and I don’t now. No he’s a great guy, a friend of Romeo’s . I met him, he’s a really great guy…No…I don’t…no.

We’re so mad Wendy didn’t ask Kirstie about sucking face with Romeo!!!

Kirstie also divulged that she isn’t as freaky as most folks are lead to believe:

WW: Do you have regular sex?

KA: Wendy!

WW: Come on I follow you on Twitter, I see some of the things you talk about.

KA: You know what, this is what my dad says and it’s true…if you talk like I talk…

WW: A sailor!

KA: You’re doing nothing, basically. My dad used to say, I’d come home at night after a date from the time I was 16 or 17 or something and he would say, ‘What did you do?’ I would say, ‘I got laid!’ He goes, ‘And I’ll know when you get laid because you won’t say anything.’

Do you believe it?

Wendy also asked Kirstie about losing ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and whether her friend (and John Travolta’s wife) Kelly Preston would do the show as well as the weight she lost from doing the show:

WW: Is Kelly Preston going to be signing up for ‘Dancing With The Stars’ because the magazines are saying after she saw what it did for you…

KA: I doubt that that is a true story, I doubt it, I think Kelly just likes being an actress. I think after doing ‘Dancing With The Stars’ I like just being an actress also. I’m a little done with reality. I want to hide behind characters, I don’t want to be real anymore…

WW: Yes! It’s tough…

KA: It’s harder to do reality than it is a movie, it’s not like in reality TV, they never say, ‘Let’s do that again’ or ‘Can you look at him and say you love him again?’

WW: Let me ask you, what went through your mind when Hines [Ward] and Kim [Johnson] won?

KA: I would always like to say I was not a poor sport, but I was so poor, I was like ahhhhhh, noooooo! I used to tease Maks [Maksim Chmerkovskiy] if we don’t win I’m going to [makes high-pitched screaming noise] and fall to my knees and the second they said we didn’t win, I was so tempted…

WW: How much weight did you lose?

KA: I don’t know how much I lost during the show…it’s grueling…I left my scale in Florida. I told my assistant, ‘Go buy this one dress,’ it was really cheap, he bought it in a 12 [size] to a 6 [size] and so now I wear the 6, in that dress.

KA: Most of my life I’ve been skinny, I actually only spent 4 years of my life fat. You would think I spent 400 years of my life fat.

WW: The paparazzi make you feel that way…

KA: Yeah, people just love to talk about me when I’m fat…the first time I should have known better and the second time I’m just stupid. Now I’m done with fat.

WW: Done with fat…

KA: Yeah I am, I’m done with fat.

Good for her! It’s funny but her size 6 doesn’t look like a Jennifer Hudson size 6. Hmmmm.

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    I like this lady and I also thinks she looks great for 60 and has a great personality too..

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  • Nana

    Life is NOT done at 60yrs…..I love her honesty, something the bloggers hates! NEXT

  • Juliemango

    I love ka for her looks(good hair face) n personality. I have to stay up till 12 a.m. To c bigwendy, theres some reality for u. I respect her for giving her co-stars more air-time!!!

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    I love Kirstie!!! Thick and fine as h3!!

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