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Derek Luke and his new Diddy S-curl attended the Allure, Notorious Lifestyles of Hip Hop party in Atlanta last night. We can only assume that this greased up steez is in preparation for the Notorious movie. However, we can’t so easily rationalize that ensemble or that post-stroke grin.

Peep Jeezy, Melyssa Ford, BDR, and the legendary Kieth Sweat below.

Check under the hood for more photos…

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  • as seen on t.v.(my gravie went to Harvard with our next president)

    “When I step onstage, girls scream like Im Keith”…It is so good to see him….Did Lil Cease lose weight…I didn’t even recognize him…





  • as seen on t.v.(my gravie went to Harvard with our next president)

    [i]italics[/i]sorry furiouz 🙂

  • Oshie's Weekend Madness

    Did I read this right?… Is he playing Biggie?

  • MeLLowMoOdd

    I can’t feel the dude playing Biggie( saw the movie trailer) but this brother got Puff’s 90’s swagg down.

  • NEWbagNcoupe

    MELYSSA ford must has a “LIFETIME” membership to all of the BET award shows !She has on a David’s Bridal dress and a TJmaxx purse !!! Where did they find Lil cease @ ? I bet his ass flew in on Airtran or Jet Blue !!!

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Soul Glo is a very good drank

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Soul Glo is a very good drank

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    So nice I had to buy it twice !

  • TooMuchGravy

    Looks sweeter than a pound of jelly

  • anchored and the wire needs a movie

    our president is BLACK! Yes Jeezy is the motivational speaker. Obama needs to put him on the victory podium.

  • Keisha

    I don’t even know who this guy is but leave him alone. It’s just a texturizer. At least he’s not wearing spiral curls and a hairnet like snoop.

  • http://www.The711.Net The711.Net - Celeb Gossip Forum

    Didn’t know one still could buy Soul Glo… -LOL-

  • always knew

    What is the deal with the shiny jacket to go with the Soul Glo?…

  • noelle

    ok Melyssa stealin Aubreys spotlight hahahaah get it@!!!! Greecian Goddess, is that the new look??? lol



  • He's Presidential

    Lil Cease lookin good

  • shaunyc56

    Good to see Keith, I still rock my new jack swing music at the gym. Wish Melyssa Ford would have worn something tighter.

  • nesh

    is it me or is l. c looking suspect???????

  • NextTopModel

    hahaha soul glo. y’all ain’t right

  • Jewish Baby

    how come they’re are no jews?

  • anty

    How tall he is ? I saw many photos of him with some hot models may be they are friends met on a tall dating site,seems he is famous there.

    I forget the site name, but in all tall people places, only **** is better, maybe he dates with models there.

  • I'm Just Me- Buffalo Bills (5-1) WE GOT MIAMI NEXT!!!!

    These are the lamest bunch of people I have ever seen.

  • CC

    is that my lil man Derek Luke, he and Idris can get it in a sandwhich, when me and my man Spragga are broken up. What da hell lil ceaze lookin better as if that is possible..keith sweat?

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