Cadbury Apologizes To Naomi Campbell And She Tells Them To Hire Some Black People So They Don’t Do That Dumb Sh*t Again

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like Naomi Campbell’s latest tantrum has resulted in her getting her way… After fashion’s most infamous diva threatened to file a lawsuit and start a boycott against Cadbury, the candy company has issued a public apology:

Cadbury understands that our latest advertising campaign for Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss caused upset to Naomi Campbell and her family. Cadbury takes its responsibility to consumers very seriously indeed and we would never deliberately produce any marketing material we felt might cause offence to any section of society. It was not our intention that this campaign should offend Naomi, her family or anybody else and we are sincerely sorry that it has done so.

We can confirm that the advertisement is no longer in circulation and we will not be using it in future marketing for Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss.

We have been in discussions with Naomi‘s solicitors and can confirm that they have accepted our apology on her behalf as a conclusion to this issue.

Wamp Wamp… Guess when Naomi says “Ho Sit Down” that’s exactly what happens.

Here’s Naomi’s response:

“I’m pleased that Cadbury have made a ‘sincere apology’ in regards to their Bliss ad campaign,” she said. “The advertisement was in poor taste on a number of levels, not least in the way they likened me to their chocolate bar. It is also a shame that it took so long for Cadbury to offer this apology.”

She added: “I hope they and other multinationals can learn from this; that offence may not be their intention, but when it is shown that it has caused offence a sincere apology straight away goes a long a way.”

“Better still they should avoid causing offense in the first place which is best achieved by having greater diversity at board and senior management level.”

We can’t argue with that one. Give some black folks some jobs Cadbury! We didn’t really find the ad racist in the first place, but maybe being called “chocolate” has a more negative connotation outside of the U.S. One thing is for sure — Naomi Campbell is not to be crossed.


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  • nike

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  • Magister Veritatis (RNI)

    This is a non issue.

    • daresay


    • Soul Touch

      I disagree. Though, my issue is more to the fact that they used her name without her permission/cutting a cheque.

      If you’re going to attempt to make money (branding) using her name, then make it legit.

    • daresay


      I’m sure if she asked for a cheque, they would have issued her one. But she wasn’t asking for money, she was playing the race card.

    • Soul Touch

      They are suppose to ask for permis.sion first. If she had said no, there would be no ad and qualm about how her image was used. There would be no matter for discus.sion or apology.

    • Mic

      @I’m sure if she asked for a cheque, they would have issued her one. But she wasn’t asking for money, she was playing the race card.

      It took me a minute but I think I understand where Naomi is coming from. Why should she be reduced to a mere color. We do that to each other all day everyday: he’s black, she’s white etc. etc. It’s tired, and tacky she is a woman of African descent not a chocolate bar. Go Naomi!!!

    • bishop

      This is a non issue indeed! Naomi gets no sympathy from me. We call Puerto Ricans butter pecan, white folks – vanilla ice, white chocolate and so on. I don’t see them acting all cantankerous in public about it. Naomi is a head case, and she obviously is an insecure woman about her “chocolate” complexion. Give me a break! Even if she had a point, she could have handled this discreet and diplomatically behind close doors instead of taking to the airwaves about it. Smh!

  • Ambercrombie

    How is hiring black ppl going to stop this from happening again? This chocolate “diva” is waaaay overrated. Okaaayy?

    • MISRA

      You would think so but white folks can be very tactless even when they are trying really hard to avoid any controversy.

      Talking about her skin colour for advertising chocolate was definitely in poor taste.

  • Majestic Khare

    we should learn from this…
    MLK did the same thing to alabama buses and look how far we’ve come.we’re more strong as a people than we realize..

  • LoLaFloRida

    Way to represent Naomi! Much respect!

  • jco


  • jco


  • ok....dayumm

    I’m not really familiar with the ad that she’s referring to, but I know I worked at a majority White school a long time ago and some kid just all of a sudden started calling me chocolate. That really pissed me off because first of all I didn’t appreciate not being called by my name; second, he didn’t even know me like that; and third, you’re referring to me as a color and not a person. Vanilla may be a harmless word, but I’m sure White people wouldn’t like to be referred to as that.

    • daresay

      Black is also a color. But I’m sure you won’t make a fuss about if White people called you Black. So?

      Btw, you just referred to them as a color also in your post by calling them White, yet you have a problem when a kid called you chocolate which not even limited to a specific color as there are also white chocolates. And chocolates in general are something sweet and yummy that everybody loves, so I don’t know what the fuss about when the kid nicknamed you chocolate.

      If you are going to make a fuss about someone referring to you as color, you should give up the “black” identity and stop calling them “whites”. You can’t have it both ways, dear.

    • ok....dayumm

      @daresay….First of all….no one calls me “Black” when they’re adressing me, the word has been used to decribe my race and I don’t have a problem with that. So fool you’re talking about two things that have nothing to do with each other. The words “Black” and “White” are used to refer to race -Negroids and Caucasions. Also, I have never addressed any White person as “White”; I may have used it as an adjective to describe them, but not as a name. How old are you? Your argument is so childish!

    • daresay

      lol…whatever people “describe” you as, is what they are going to call you! So if they describe you as “black”, they will call you black.
      And all I’m getting from your post is that you don’t mind being called a black woman but you mind being called chocolate? Ok, here is another childish argument — chocolate is not a color, dear. So when someone called you chocolate, he or she is not referring to you as a color.

  • EbonyPearl

    All women…not just Naomi need to take a stand…I mean Cadbury was just trying to push the envelope…The already new…The most famous, and hardest working SUPER MODEL… was not having that…And how low have we as black women stooped…we use to be referred to as Queens and Princess…Now we cool with being called…Chocolate…and Redbone…SMH

  • Cheeky

    Although I agree, Cadbury was wrong for using her name and image without her permission and without compensation, I think this will actually make them reluctant in the future to use black models or hire black people. A lot of “white” corporations avoid doing so because they think black people are too sensitive and overreact in these types of situations. I don’t think Naomi did the black community any favors on this one.

  • http://bossip Mike d

    Naomi has nothing on the new younger models Miranda Kerr, Brooklyn Decker, Bar Raefali, or Kate Upton. Naomi is old news


    “SUPPOSEDLY” considered “BAD” to “BE” compared to CHOCOLATE… *(TYPO) 😉

  • Veve

    Outside of the U.S., “chocolate” is a negative description – oh please. I never realized Brits were such crybabies. This isn’t news. Maybe this faux tantrum got this aging model the attention she desperately wanted.

  • Shilee

    “Mayne, I wish all of these bitter azzed, whining BLACK females would shut tha FU*CKIN HELL UP!!!”
    you sure they’re the “bitter” ones? I mean you did write a WHOLE essay that I’m sure NO one will read!!!! lol #JUSTSAYIN

  • Dee

    I completely agree. Although it doesn’t seem negative, the company did it in a subtle way, not many ppl would notice. I think Naomi handled the situation well, and the fact that she suggested that Cadbury hire more people of colour was a good idea. I hope they do so, b/c the next time they make a mistake to this magnitude will probably end in a law suit.

  • ManchesterUKer

    There are worse things to be called than ‘Bliss Chocolate’…

  • Christielove1468

    Good for Naomi Campbell! @Daywalker: Whew!!Good luck to you! We Black women will still continue to make it despite how you view us.


      @Christielove1468 6/4/11, 01:09:PM:

      Good for Naomi Campbell!

      *(Actually, I hope the bytch doesn’t ever get a damn dime. She’s shiftless, she has a reputation for sleeping with married dudes, and has an uncontrollable attitude. FU*CK HER…)
      😆 😈

      @Daywalker: Whew!!Good luck to you! We Black women will still continue to make it despite how you view us.

      *(But see, THAT’S THE THING: I don’t personally view “ALL” BLACK WOMEN in this light…. The BLACK WOMEN who aren’t like this should take no offense from anything I said, because I wasn’t describing them, nor was I referring to them in any way, but ain’t it funny that when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, that the one you hit is “ALWAYS” the one which YELPS??? In short, If what I said doesn’t apply, LET IT FLY…)
      😆 :mrgreen: 😈

  • Soul Touch

    Well said Naomi.

    Regardless, it was tactless for them to use her image or likeness for the ad. Next time, pay someone.

  • adele's number 1 fan

    tell’em nay nay! gotta love her!

  • blackscome1st

    Someone got some anger issue, go ahead, I will let you vent since that’s the only way you can express your feelings. IIii bbbBBeeettt YYouu are are a a soft soft aazzz in real life, dare you to talk tha smack face to face to a BW..YOU WILL GET KNOCK THE F*** OUT.

  • Soul Touch

    I agree with your points as well.

    At the end of the day, it’s her name, her image…she has the right to feel how ever she wants.

  • Soul Touch


    LOL and you have the nerve to call others bitter and angry. lol

    You need to find a hobby…release some of that before you have a coronary.


      @Soul Touch 6/4/11, 01:46:PM


      LOL and you have the nerve to call others bitter and angry. lol

      *(What can I say?? I’m often misunderstood on here, so I don’t take it personally, ma…) 😆 😈

      You need to find a hobby…release some of that before you have a coronary.

      *(Nah…I’m good…Believe me when I tellya that if what I’m saying doesn’t apply to you, let it fly, ma…I got nothing but love for “BLACK WOMEN”, but I can’t fu*ckin’ stand “HOODRATS”!! LOL!!!) 😆 :mrgreen: 😈

    • Soul Touch


      You know I don’t have a problem with you but geez luv, that was some rant. lol

      No worries, I took no offense, in fact I don’t disagree with many points (perhaps not the delivery), but my goodness someone piss.ed you off this morning.

  • blackscome1st

    yYoU BE DAYDREAMING about BW, SINCE YOU CAN’T get one in real life, I understand your anger…Its understood.

  • Unico

    Chocolate is awesome
    I find it complimentary.

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    This has nothing to do with chocolate being a derogatory term and everything to do with her not being paid for the use of her name and likeness.


      *(For once, I have to actually agree with you, DEVIL… 😯 I wholeheartedly concur that NAOMI’s HOMEWRECKIN’ AZZ just want’s to get paid in this instance…) 😆 😀 :mrgreen: 😈

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