To Whom Does This GIGUNDOUS Over The Shoulder Tig Ole Bitties Holder Belong?

- By Bossip Staff

COTDAMN! Them tig ole bitties are off the chain! Meet Norma Stitz, owner of the world’s largest natural t*ts…Norma holds the Guinness Book of Records title of the World’s Biggest Breasts. Her 102 ZZZ boobs are all natural and she had to be examined by several doctors to prove that before she could be given the title, which she has now held 12 years in a row.
Norma started wearing her first bra when she was just 9 says she is proud of her boobs and would never consider an operation to reduce them.

WOW! Check out more photos of Norma and her bosoms on the next page…

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  • ByrdLady

    I know her back is killing her!

  • k.nic


  • liquidfi

    But look at the sac underneath holding them up though.

  • betty black_the vixen

    Effin gross

  • Yatta

    Dat sh#t ain’t cute!

  • Teyana

    I`ll stick with my Dcups… That.. Thats disturbing…

  • Teyana

    On another note.. She never has to worry about having dry cereal.. ^^ ahahahaha got milk?

  • Yea I said it

    I swear I will never complain about my big breast another day in my life….look like this chick got two toddlers in her shirt..ewww

  • cincilady

    She makes me flat chested in comparsion

  • Bbeautifull

    I just wanna see thiz lady walk lol.

  • Juliemango

    Too bad she dont have large cakes to go with those big jugs of milk.!!!

  • http://google 44dd

    Oh well, she won’t be buying anything from Victoria’s.

  • knight2000

    Wrap dresses really do flatter all body types….

  • QueenT

    that sh#t is Ri Damn dicoulous!!!

  • Joe budden

    I wish all women had tittz like those and azz to match

  • Ash

    Ugh I know it must smell like old diapers underneath them things.

  • Miss tahbee

    Eew! That’s just too much.

  • Shayyy

    She makes my 40 g look small

  • Tina elk

    Lane Bryant had bras on sale. If you put a few of them together you can get them boobs off your legs.

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