Update: Advertising Standards Authority Gives Naomi The “B****, Please” … Says Cadbury Ad Not Racially Offensive

- By Bossip Staff

SMH… Just when we thought this ish ended when Cadbury apologized! Naomi Campbell may not be happy to hear that the advertisement she reamed Cadbury over has been officially deemed “not likely to offend.” Not that that can make her look any more crazy than we already knew her to be.

Despite their decision to remove the ad and issue a statement apologizing to Naomi Campbell, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk ad just went through a rigorous evaluation from the Advertising Standards Authority … and passed with flying colors!

the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) was asked to rule on whether the campaign breached the industry’s code on racism and whether the matter should be subjected to a full investigation.

The ASA assessed four complaints, including one from Operation Black Vote which branded the campaign as an “insult” to black women.

But in its ruling the ASA said the advert was “likely to be understood to refer to Naomi Campbell’s reputation for ‘diva-style’ behaviour rather than her race’.

“On this basis the council decided that the ad was unlikely to be seen as racist or to cause serious or widespread offence”, the ASA added.

We never understood the big deal to begin with. Do you agree with their ruling? Anybody think this will ruffle Naomi’s feathers?


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  • me

    The Ad was offensive not to blk women as a whole but to Naomi n her diva like behavior peeped the diamonds the chocolate is sitting on everything about the ad is offensive to her n her only! That’s why the apologized to her n not the blk community

  • gina

    Naomi you just pigeon holed your career! They photo shopped the mess out of that picture! Really the thought of any human setting on my food is NOT appeal. Cadbury fruit and nut chocolate bars are the best. The yummy slick chocolate bunny looks tasty….her azz on it FAIL! She is a supermodel.

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