Yeah, We Said It: Why Are Evelyn “Get’Em Girl” Lozada’s People Living in the PJs?

- By Bossip Staff

This week’s “Basketball Wives’” saga was replete with the necessary amount of drama to keep fans enthralled. We must thank Evelyn Lozada for opening up and sharing a very painful part of her back-story: Her dysfunctional relationship with her father due to his hands-off approach in her life. While E deserves a standing ovation for publicly facing such a vulnerable chapter of her personal experience, the props should be quickly overshadowed by well-deserved jeers. Why? Her mama is still living in the projects.

It’s truly a shame. Now, we are no means suggesting that all people who “make it” out of the ‘hood are responsible for carrying each member of their family on their back… but your mom? Come on Evelyn. If Ev is down to bone to get her own condo, Range Rover and scores of $2000 designer bags, there’s no reason she couldn’t amass a small stash to purchase a nicer place for the lady in her life to rest head. Even if her mother was resistant, few people will say no to a new, nicely furnished pad.

It’s a disappointing case of quick, new money having piss poor priorities. Sadly, it still seems like when “poor” people get money they tend to spend it on worthless things or depreciating assets, such as clothes, cars and trips —- even when they see the results of such temporary indulgences. Despite the ignorance, due to lack of financial education or simply poor choices, what happened to basic class and social responsibility? By no standard, in any community, is it all right to live the champagne life and leave your doting mama living in squalor. Now, we know that all public housing isn’t the worst. There are tight-knit communities, enclaves free of criminal activity and buildings missing the ever-so-pervasive smell of stale urine. Still, it’s the projects. Lozada’s rocking her second six-figure (we hope) engagement ring, traveling around the world, and on her third season of “Basketball Wives” checks. Come on.

Even with the high price of New York City housing “Get”Em” girl can minimally afford to buy her mama a co-op! And if not off the merits of Dulce, then off the back of that well-preserved, perfectly tanned, highly sought after tail. If you can get a Bentley for yourself, you can demand $80,000 in cash or financing to get your people a decent spot. After all, where else are you going to rest your head when it all falls down?

Now that you know better, do better.

And a note to all the aspiring “Get “Em Girls”…Rapper Trina sang it best. “I got a message for you young hoes….if you off the chain, stay ahead of the game, save up buy a condo.” And not just for yourself. You’re only doing as well as the people you love most.

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