What The Hell???: Celebrities That Have Given Into The “Planking” Craze

- By Bossip Staff
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The whole damn world has gone “plank” crazy!

Ok, so at this point you probably have come in contact with pictures of “planking”. People laying flat and stiff (pause) on some sort of crazy object (usually in public). Well, celebs have joined in on the fun, and have taken to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr to post pics of them involved in the gimmick of the moment.

Flip through to peep the planking madness.

Big Boi

Joe Budden

Bun B

Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas

Lil Duval

Evelyn Lozada

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    Justin Bieber

    LeToya Luckett

    Rosario Dawson

    Tami Roman

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    • Huey's Neice

      Big Boi is not planking in that pic! He is doing the superman snhb

    • Muffy

      As stupid as I think this is bun b and rosario dawson had me cracking up.

    • Diva T

      Justin Bieber just had to look at the camera. Lol and Tami on the treadmill. Seriously!!!

    • Me

      Bun b isnt planking he’s just lying on the table lmao

    • King Beef

      This is in the top ten of the stupidiest ish I have ever seen.

    • life

      Eww why is Evelyn on a baby changing table

    • Mora's momma

      Dumbest sh!t ever

    • yep

      Bun b looks like a fat sleeping slob

    • nellkaye

      if u don’t like it then don’t do it point plank period!

    • I Aint Mad at Ya

      ok. your turn HASBRO !

    • BoomGeezUnderated (Made This Up On The Spot)

      a simple exercise is know being broadcasted & people are acting like this is something new . the definition of this isnt “laying stiff inna weird place” ! sheesh, research pays off !

    • Datzher

      Why da hell everything has to be racist??? People be reading too much into it…last time i check a plank is a wooden flat board sticking out of a ship!! SMH at u mofoz thinking everything got to do with race..& if u think itz stupid itz ur opinion & move on!! U dont have to do it too!!

    • Nickey Mixson


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