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El DeBarge was, well… unusual. He was unable to complete a song, he slurred his speech, moved a little erratically and seemed to be, for lack of a better term, under the influence? Amidst the shaky video phone footage of the night’s events scattered on the web, it is evident something was wrong when El’s set came up, but it was unclear exactly what.

According to concertgoers, setting up for El’s time slot took longer than any of the other acts. When he finally did come on the stage, he sat down at the piano, and after repeatedly asking how much time he had, it seemed as though his mic had been turned off. After a few moments of back and forth between his assumed manager and what looked like security, the lights were turned off on the stage, and El was escorted away… exit stage left. All events occurred amidst loud booing from the crowd.

A YouTube video posted on the production companies facebook page shows El being interviewed by a man named Royal T after the incident, and he is miles away from the usual humble, well-spoken, smiling and timid person in the majority of his interviews. He talks over the interviewer, is far less than articulate, and uses street slang explain the incident, “I was out there, I was on the stage”, he says, ”I-I-I don’t know, I guess somebody was just drinkin’ some hater-ade, you know what I’m sayin, man”. Etterlene DeBarge, El’s mother, released a statement explaining that the reason El was unable to perform was because the concerts promoters did not plan on paying him. There were even rumors that he was simply exhausted. While we’ll probably never know the truth, thousands of paying ticket holders were upset with the situation surrounding DeBarge, and furthermore with the quality, or lack thereof, of the concert as a whole.

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