Poor Thang… Bow Wow’s Baby Mama Is Having A Rough Life

- By Bossip Staff

The mother of Bow Wow’s daughter Shai is mad as hell and she’s not gonna take it anymore! After reading Bow’s “letter to his fans” about his newborn, we had a feeling that there were some parts that his baby mama might have a problem with… namely these portions:

I want her to live with me so bad. Jus us 2. Thats my dream man but fellas yall know how it go. Baby gotta stay with they momma and all dat bull. I hate that! So i have to fly 5 hrs away to see her. I find myself going into my i phone book jus lookn at pix of her. Sometimes i tear up cuz i just cant believe it brotha be emotional.

The bs that comes with having a baby momma is expected. So i neva trip.


But it appears that the seeds of discontent had been brewing for some time. Check out Joie’s twitter venting from the last week or so…

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  • Queen

    Dat’s Y yall stupid as women need to close yall legs and stop f*cking for free
    Men get kids and they don’t even have to turn and do something yall woman need to do everything start tinking with yall minds let with the punany

  • Bbeautifull

    nggaz dont understand that u need to cherish and adore the mother of ur child az much az the child.. Cuz if u disrespect ur baby mother thatz disrespectin the child.. come on bow..

  • m

    I agree it was not cool to bash your child’s mother when u announcing to the world that u are a father. Whatever is going on is a private matter and should remain that way. If there’s drama it is probably because he got her pregnant and left her and she was probably expecting more. If I were her I’d be mad too. And one thing I don’t get is why was he so worried about what people would think. A child is a beautiful gift and if people don’t accept u after u have a child then u don’t need them in your life…And that goes for family, friends and fans. You should never put anything or anybody above your child. He didn’t need a letter explaining anything to fans. That child comes first. He should have announced the baby and that’s it. He doesn’t owe his fans an explanation. And I hope for his daughters sake that these two can grow and remain civil. Don’t disrespect each other on twitter because that child will be able to read one day.

  • Nayya

    Okay Bow Wow just quit your b*tching because all you had to do was not ride raw so deal with it. Miss Joie don’t let him try to take your daughter like you were a surrogate, go for broke and take his azz to court if he so much as flinches with his responsibility. Forget love he forfeited that when he threw you under the bus.. 🙂

  • faebae

    How is he bashing her???? I’m sure she says bad things bout him too. Its 2 sides. Everyone knos tht a baby won’t make a man be with you. So let it go.

  • k

    I agree with queen!! When you settle to being a “baby momma” and not a wife what do you expect! No sympothy over here…………..

  • Bre

    Some women (men too sometimes) truely believe that the man/woman they are involved with is exactly who they present themselves to be when its all good.So its not even that she stupid or shoulda kept her legs closed,theres 2 sides to every story.People are so quick to judge women and let the mans dog ways go unchecked.They just need to do wats best for the baby

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  • danie

    Let me first say this ppl judge jesus christ so since yopu are in the public eye they will always try and judge you but the ones who are trying to judge you life isn’t all that great. You never worry about what ppl think you worry about you and your families welfare and happiness and you bby and her mother is now part of your family. You need to respect your childs mother she gave you the most precious gift anyone could ever have given you bow wow. I just think if you’ll can’t be together. Atleast try to be civil or even better friends it is very possible to be friends with you your childs mom whatever problems you two may have they should always stay between you to and private

  • shunda

    Everybody need stfu and mind yall own buisness dats they’re life and all da fuk ups they’ve done they have to deal wit that shyt not yall so ur opinions dont matter

  • Amanda Pierce


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