Bossip Exclusive: Trey Songz And Lauren London Break Up After “Secret” Year Long Relationship

- By Bossip Staff

After “secretly” dating for a year and a half, BOSSIP has learned that Trey Songz and Lauren London have called it quits.

According to our source, Trey has a “wandering” eye and Lauren is fed up. The two never officially came out as a couple, but in September of last year, Trigga did mention that he had introduced Lil Wayne’s baby mama London to his mother.

It’s probably for the best (for Lauren’s sake) because we all know how these industry fellas get around!!

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  • Misha5250

    Wth i would have never guessed tht..

  • http://google pink cutie

    i have never heard of this 1 i thought he was into chicks who r not black

  • Alwaysme

    And this breaking news bc?

    She will be with the nxt industry dude who winks at her.

    And Trey songs is not all that, he sounds like he’s singing thru a van. Ugh irks my nerves.

  • so what?

    Lol @ tag being “D-list love”!

  • CeCe

    @alwaysme…lol, u crazy!!!! Trey is not all that! He’s an R.Kelly wannabe!

  • macori

    They did make a nice looking couple.

  • remy_fakaj

    If this is true, then this chick is a bum…a pretty bum. First she claimed she had been with Wayne for years before the baby and now this? Typical rat, got those “I’m with you but no one can know” type relationships. I’m all for privacy but c’mon Lauren, at least find someone who’s not afraid to say you’re their woman

  • remy_fakaj

    And I agree with trey not being all that. His singing is subpar and his lyrics r mad corny. Hes not even all that cute for a celebrity

  • Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson

    Ha they never dated, glad this rumor is officially over……

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Omg we r so glad to see chicas on the same level as us! Trey is not that serious & yea his lyrics r wack so is his style.. Lauren looks like she dnt know what to do with her life.. Def a bum for lettin wayne hit that. Trey knows very well he copies r.kelly

  • Watson387

    Wandering eye…for the boys

  • Sean

    He’s Ginuwine2.0 he sings like Rhianna yodeling and 0.0% great vocals

  • southernswagg

    Lol @watson387 I don’t beleave that ish…and didn’t she JUST have a ANOTHER baby by lilwayne…furthermore trey has a boyfriend and his boyfriends name is brandin he works at roc nation

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Lauren just known as Wayne baby mama now.

  • Imafckinproblem

    I love how people so fast too pop shyt bouh dem he not all that nd shyt but yet who tha fck r u, lmfaoooo! Haters

  • Glenn Becky

    So let me see…they secretly stayed together for a year and even introduced the lady he wants to keep a secret to his mama? Sounds like they needed to keep this breakup a secret too cause I know for a fact you shouldnt be in any relationship you have to keep a secret!

    This girl got too many secrets! And bad ones too….where is Laurens self respect!?

  • jadah hunt

    I would have never pictured the two of them together! How could she hump treyafter having a baby With the one and only Lil Wayne? Wtf? Is or was she thinking?

  • Christielove1468

    Truth be told:I never thought that Trey was all that either,he makes such crazy faces every time he sings. Fake R.Kelly wanabee!

  • prettynana43

    WORD? I never knew they were together but then again we didn’t know she was laying up wit that walkin disease lil Wayne either! LAUREN GIRL,u2 gorgeous to be some mans secret booty call!Smh, GET IT. 2gether LAUrEn!

  • Knowledge

    You guy’s forget that Beyonce & Jay Z also kept their relationship a secret. If I was famous I would keep all my relationships secret too from all you nosey MF’s.

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