SMH: Teen Could Lose Sight From $20 Contacts Bought At Beauty Supply Store

- By Bossip Staff

A New York teen will need a cornea transplant after a defective pair of colored contacts bought from a beauty supply store gave her a sight threatening eye infection.

Erica Barnes, 14, bought a pair of colored contacts from a beauty supply store on Jamaica Ave in New York City. After falling asleep with the contacts in, the girl says she woke up in intense pain.


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  • genius

    I hope that little girls family is suing the shyt out of this company. Contacts should only be sold by doctors.

  • JYM

    So it’s the stores responsibility to make sure 14 year old children are not using products they shouldn’t? Parents no longer have to shoulder any responsibility? She was 14.. Why is she purchasing and using contacts with out some ADULT supervision? Parents fault..

  • team nymphis

    sounds like Mona wit his self hatin wantin to be mixed azz.

  • Cadence

    Who is she going to sue ? Lee Beauty? Last time I checked, you didn’t have to be 18 to purchase cosmetics…. I’m sorry but if your grown enough to buy this item, you should be grown enough to take proper care of them.. I don’t believe one day of sleeping in the contacts caused her to have problems… Hopefully she doesn’t loose her eye sight but , those are the consequences of recklessness.. where were her parents?

  • Jokes on u

    She shouldve been happy with her own eye color. Self hate at its finest…

  • freckles

    Granted this girl and her parents should know better BUT there should be some kind of regulations with the contacts for obvious reasons. Not just anybody should sell medical devices.

  • JYM

    Products that are sold as cosmetics are not considered ‘medical devices’..

  • Real Issh

    Buys contacts from a beauty supply store ? I CAN’T ..

  • just me

    I’m 20yo n have been wearing contacts for 6years n anybody with sense knows not to wear contacts that aren’t fitted for your eye its not the stores fault its the parents and I have seen these contacts at a hair store around my way which has a warning to c in eye doctor for contacts as these can cause damage. Its an unfortunate situation but maybe next time she will think twice and the parent should focus on themselves instead of blaming the store

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