Step Your Game Up: Is Your City One Of The 10 Worst-Dressed Cities In The Country?

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The good, cruel folks at GQ came up with a list of the worst-dressed cities in the country and they released it this morning. How do you stack up and should you be looking in your closet for some wardrobe changes?

10. St. Louis – If Nelly and his Band-Aids and backwards throwback jerseys caught on, then we could see why STL made it. Ya’ll still rock Air Force One’s?

9. Miami – You see how they dress during the Heat games? All that white and hemp probably landed them this spot.

8. Salt Lake City – No disrespect to the Mormons but…y’know…they have a pretty standard wardrobe that’s not exactly poppin’.

7. Maui – The Hawaiian shirt is synonymous with ugly crap your dad wears. No wonder they put this town on the list. However, it’s probably more the tourists’ fault.

6. Philadelphia – Philly is known for nasty attitudes and grimy personas. But we never thought they dressed all bummy. It’s probably for the best so they won’t spill any cheesesteak on their fresh gear.

5. Manhattan – We’d expect those hipsters in Brooklyn to make the list for their tight a$$ pants and ironic glasses. Maybe they were counting the homeless people on the list.

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    4. Chicago – Now you know they can’t be considering the fly Black section of the city with the dope shoes and ill fashion game. Freaking Kanye West is from there! Farce!

    3. Pittsburgh – Pennsylvania gets on the list twice? Ouch. What are they doing up there? Maybe one of those Queer Eye guys should hit the state and help out.

    2. Los Angeles – Alert: D-bags can’t dress. And word on the street is that L.A. has a ton of them. Any city that rocks Ed Hardy like that is on its way to the worst dressed list.

    1. Boston – And finally, there’s Boston. The land of mullets and Red Sox gear. Basically they’re saying when the Lakers and Celtics square off, it’s a battle of busted looking people. Go figure.

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