Hip-Hop Beef: Atlanta DJ Greg Street Ticks Off Toya’s New Hubby Memphitz By Suggesting She Remain A Carter

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Ruh-Roh… Since marrying her boo Memphitz last month Toya has stopped going by Antonia Carter and has been using Memph’s last name — Wright– instead. But shortly after a visit to Atlanta’s V103 radio station for an interview with DJ Greg Street, *somebody* had the audacity to suggest she may have made a mistake.

@Toya Wright Memph is my dog but you gotta change your last name back to Carter. Wright sounds wrong.

Anybody think this comment might have been a bad idea???

Read the happy couple’s responses when you continue:

Toya tried to clean it up for poor Greg, but Memphitz had already seen the tweets and was not amused.

Damn son… Did Memph just call dude “Trash”???

As you can see it got a lil ugly, but Greg Street tried his best to clean it up. Continue to read his response.

A play on words… Are you buying it? Let’s hope this all got resolved peacefully. SMH!

More photos from Toya & Memphitz’s wedding when you continue…

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    • southernswagg

      its sad when ni$$as act messy like females, that comment gregstreet made was out of line and uncalled for…who the f*ck made him the judge of if her new name sound right or not, sum people need to get a life

    • Shakira

      He’s a radio PERSONALITY. Playing on words and making jokes is what he’s paid to do. Move on and stop trying to beef out of every comment made. On another note Wayne will always have a claim on that. (last name remained Carter this long)

    • Hotgyrl

      mr dj your out of line.. Go back so spinnin other people records and leave this couple alone.. Female azz nicca!!!

    • M

      It was a joke that went wrong but it’s not worth fighting over. You know you are good for your wife so who cares what anybody else thinks. People say and do anything when they get an audience. Why couldn’t he express his anger off Twitter. That’s what irks me about that site. Besides the fact that the high follower count, which consists of mostly spam, makes everybody think they are famous, Too many people put on a show on that site and end up looking like idiots.

    • von

      who cares about that toya chick so what she should have changed it after the divorce from wayne i dont care what her last name is

    • Wow

      Total disrespect towards Memphitz radio personality or not…Good for Toya for standing up for her husband!

    • http://Bossip.com Nika tha Diva

      I think tha dj was being real duh… She was more hotter when her last name was Carter… I guest her 15mins of fame iz up as Mrs. Wright!!! Memphiz iz a nobody who can’t afford Toya… His last name iz wack… Tha DJ just speaking on what millions of ppls was thinkin… He just had tha Balls 2 let her know lmao… Yea I said it now who goin 2 pop me??? #In my Messy Mya voice

    • Nikki

      @nikka please go back to waiting on your food stamps you hoodrat, only a hoodrat would write this mess. Idiot Ghetto Trash.

    • T.Banks

      Everybody that listen to Greg Street know he’s a good dude and never a hater. I been listening to dude for seven years. Memphitz is lame anyway and real lame for tellin somebody especially a VERY well known DJ “ima come see u” on Twitter?!? I’m convinced twitter is for Losers!

    • Bbeautifull

      Who iz thiz guy memphitz anyway he doesnt even have a wikipedia

    • http://gravatar.com/birdshu Mrs. Rance

      The dj was way out of line. Since when did people start disrespecting people on Twitter that they’ve prayed with? It wasn’t a joke. Obviously there is some hate there. Maybe he wants Toya for himself.

    • Deaya Charles

      This entire “beef” is just stupid… LOL

    • http://gravatar.com/blindian blindian

      Wow there is some ghetto trash on here! Someone said she was way hotter with a last name Carter how old are you 6? She got a husband and a child it doesn’t matter if Memphitz last name is Lipshiytz she got a man who legally bonded with her, all you may have is dudes who hit and and act like he never knew you and your trying to judge her! Funny!

    • Janay

      As far as um concerned her value has skyrocketed for dropping that carter last name. Lil wayne is a boy. He lives a boy lifestyle which is to chase women forever never commit, have multiple children by different women, boast to hide insecurity, and desire to impress his male companions (pause pause
      ) more than appear as a respectable man. She should have dropped his last name looong ago. Ladies take it as a lesson learned, the sooner you drop something, the sooner you can make room for a real man. Just choose wisely and place your value in THE right characteristics when looking for a man.

    • nikkislim

      Who cares what her last name is. Toya is a beautiful young lady with a beautiful and a beautiful spirit. I never see or saw where she tried to capitalize on being Wayne’s ex-wife. Remember she was his wife, not baby mama like the others. I really truly believe though that she and Wayne still love each other and I was so hoping they would get back together as husband and wife. Maybe if she and her hubby don’t work out, and Wayne gets that chasing females outta his system they will reunite. Best to Toya in all she does.
      Toya Carter or Toya Wright I still love ya gurl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dre

      What’s it matter who memphitz is or not. Ya real ignorant in here. That’s his wife and she should take his last name. What kind of slap in the face would it be for her to keep carter.

    • K Love

      Congrats to both Toya and Memephitz, may God bless and keep ur marriage threw the good and bad. You would think that people would have more to do with there lives beside worrying about what’s going on in someone one eles realationship, get u some buisness.

    • Chile please

      @bytch above me
      Apparently everybody that haz an opinion doesnt have a life.. Gtfoh

    • anita

      i think once she married memph….it would of been disrespecting him by keeping carter….new man new name…out with the old in with the new…..way to go toya wright

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