Catfights! Some Of The Most Memorable Lady Feuds We’ve Ever Witnessed

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Is there anything more entertaining than a cat fight?

When women can’t get along, it’s a major spectacle for the world to see. From Hip-Hop beefs to squabbles over whose man belongs to whom, famous women always find a reason to fight. We just let them fight it out in a ring MMA style.

Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj – One woman’s quest for relevance turned out to be a huge mistake. Kim ultimately got clowned and looked like a damn fool in the process acting like her Black Friday mixtape would be worth anything. Meanwhile, Nicki send out some nasty disses then kept it moving like it wasn’t anything. Kim will probably live to fight another meaningless battle whenever another female rapper becomes important.

Foxy Brown vs. Lil Kim – Before there was Nicki and Kim, there was Foxy and Kim. The two femme fatales were the top female rappers…so naturally they had to hate each other. Their crews beefed and they sent out subliminal disses with almost every song they dropped. Maybe Kim will duel Foxy with her own Playboy spread.

Jennifer Anniston vs. Angelina Jolie – These two have a little more reason to fight than most frivolous feuds. Angelina straight up snatched Jennifer’s man from right up under her and didn’t look back. Jennifer should just roll up on Angelina and beat that itchbay with a bottle. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Angelina held her own based off of her action flicks.

Khia vs. The World – This one-hit semi-wonder can’t stop dissing every female rapper that’s ever spit a single bar. We’re just glad she’s doing plain interviews and tweeting instead of molesting our ears with her “music”.

Ciara vs. Keri Hilson – Keri Hilson is a trip, isn’t she? She went around dissing Ciara on wax like she was a rapper or something. Keri probably won’t ever be as famous or relevant as Ciara…and throwing disses around won’t help much.

Nene Leakes vs. Star Jones – Why we gotta act like that in public? Nene and Star acted so embarrassing on Celebrity Apprentice, airing each other out on every episode. And they just won’t end the feud no matter what. Ugh.

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    Ciara vs. Rihanna – Ciara got stirred up in some mess again when she was talking about Rihanna being “mean” to her during a LeBron James party aka the “who will chop down Ciara next” fiesta. The two had a nice little Twitter feud before kissing and making up. But they probably hold some ill will to this day.

    Amber Rose vs. Natalie Nunn – Amber and Wiz are the most nauseating couple in all existence. But before that, Wiz was chopping down bad girl Natalie Nunn and she was none too pleased about him moving on. Her videos about Amby were hilariously awkward and Amber’s response was surprisingly classy. Way to quell the beef, thickums.

    Lisa Raye vs. Stacey Dash – It’s a shame to see two world class chicks you want to bang actresses squabbling. But on the set of their show, the two B-level divas got it on with Lisa Raye ALLEGEDLY grabbing Beautiful Miss Stacey by her hair and tossing her around the set. C’mon ladies, we can do better than that.

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