It Was All Good Just Four Years Ago: Inside Eric And Jennifer Williams’ Wedding [Photos]

- By Bossip Staff

In December 2007, Jennifer Williams was oh so in love with Ol’ Lumphead Eric and had been feeling that way for about seven years.

So when it came time to jump the broom, she hired someone to create this lavish, pretty pink fairy tale of a wedding for her in a Bahamas.

Too bad Eric’s ugly outshone all of it in the long run. Still: it’s pretty to look at.

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  • Jay

    Beautiful wedding…its a damn shame it ended the way it did…

  • Momamia

    Love the fireworks idea. But she shouldve never married him in the first place. She admitted that Eric cheated on her the day before their wedding! Smdh

  • golden_standard

    some people focus too much on the wedding and not the marriage. I could be wrong, but it seems like Jennifer just wanted the wedding. Should have called it off, I don’t care if it was the day before

  • loc

    Jus click the last page and it shows all the photos! oh and her dress and hair was ugly…

  • citykat

    i am so tired of hearing how he did her wrong well she did herself wrong…her feet worked. she is not getting sympathy from me with her croc tears. she stayed cuz she was using his money, his name and his fame. if that knotty head man was broke she would have run like her ugly dress was on fire. gold digger sighting!

  • courtluvvdv

    She actually comes from decent money so I highly doubt it was for the cash. And he wasnt a big name athlete with endorsments so I doubt it was for the fame as well. Some ppl stay in bad situations simply b/c they think ppl will change for them. Now I will say since she was approached to be on basketball wives she has porbably changed and is feeling herself…..

  • chokola_10

    Her hair and dress was so ugly!

  • nysdiva

    I think Eric is ignorant & a punk for throwing a drink in his wife’s face. That is so UNmanly.

  • Whateva......!!

    @ nysdiva…… Don’t dish it if u can’t take it! Eric tried to walk away, she should have let him go! I’m sick of women talkin’ that ” I am women ying yang! I bet u she wouldn’t do it again! That broad been hangin’ with EVILyn too long! I’m a women a while I won’t put up with a n***a putting his hand on me I wouldn’t provoke the n***a to do it! As far as Jen coming from money, so what….. Obviously by her knowing that Eric cheated the night before their wedding and she still married him lead me to believe it was for his money! Then stayed married to him for four long years…. Somethin’ ain’t right! A man only do what u allow him to do…. So she’s the fool! I did like Jen in the past seasons but now she gets on my nerves! I don’t think she’s wrapped too tight! U can have all the college degrees in the world but if u don’t have common sense which I don’t think she does, then ur doomed!

  • citygurl1

    Everything you said is so true. YOU CAN have all the degrees you want but if you have no common sense you are lost to this world.

  • chynadoll

    @Whateva…..well said. I totally co-sign.

  • bmarcushook

    Eric has a child with some jump off while he is married to Jennifer. That woman contacted her and sent a picture of the child and Eric having a picnic. The little boy is Eric twin

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