What Happened To The Good Old Days? Celebrities That America Started Hating Over Night

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Earlier this week, Casey Anthony was named the most hated person in America. The list made us think about people that were once stars that suddenly became hated by all of the country seemingly overnight.

It was all good a week ago…

Kanye West – Yeah, he was a cocky, egotistical a$$hole from the jump. But everything changed when he grabbed the moon man from Taylor Swift during the MTV Awards. Suddenly he was up there with the worst wife beaters in the country for some reason. It’s all been downhill in mainstream America’s eyes since then.

Tiger Woods – El Tigre (That’s “the tiger” in Spanish, kids) was on top of the sports and pop culture world. Then he was candying his corn in the wrong restaurant chains and he lost his popularity…and damn near every tournament since then. Overnight, his endorsements went away.

OJ Simpson – Some of you may not remember this, but there was a time when OJ was the football version of Michael Jordan, beloved and even doing movies. Then, evidence piled that he’d killed his wife and two decades later, America still hates him.

Michael Vick – He was the biggest name in football until a little dogfighting ring turned his career upside down. Nothing pisses America off like hurting innocent dogs. Sigh.

Kobe Bryant – To be fair, Kobe had already been hated on pretty tough. But things really turned around when he took a trip to Colorado and tried to take a turn into a one-way street where he wasn’t wanted. Bad move Jordan Lite.

Rick Ross – Ricky Rozay had the hood on smash with “Hustlin” and his other anthems, but when it came out that his tales were just that, his popularity plummeted and he was pinpointed as the fakest of fake thugs. However, he has managed to brush it off like a G and put out bangers. That’s perseverance.

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    Ja Rule – Ja was the hottest act on the planet, but overnight that sing-songy sh*t got old and Fiddy came through and killed his career. Now he’s in jail with a career that’s slowly circling the toilet bowl.

    Mark McGuire – He was America’s favorite white athlete for breaking all the home run records. But a big old batch of steroids turned him into one of the most hated baseball players ever. They almost didn’t even let him come back to teach hitting.

    John Edwards – Awww didn’t we love John Edwards? Hell, he would be in line for President now if Kerry had won in 2004. But all it takes is cheating on your sick wife to really make things turn out for the worst. It’s not like we feel sorry for him, though.

    The Sperminator – As governor of Cali, people looked at him like he was really progressive. He was really putting the state in the right direction. Of course, we didn’t know he was housing his mistress and bastard child in the house at the same time. When that news hit, Sperminator lost his good name.

    LeBron – The Decision may turn out to be the worst Decision in Bron Bron’s career. With one self-indulgent press conference, he went from the next MJ to the most hated man in basketball. He probably wishes he could take it alllll back.

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    • http://k k

      Still love Michael Vick,people do make mistakes.Get over it and keep it movin.

    • Dean

      So chris breezy isn’t on the list anymore? Amazing how some banging music will make people forget. Props to him for making it happen

    • bambi

      You need to put kim kardashian on that list!

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