It’s A Wrap: Shaunie Shuts Messy Meeka’s “Celebreality” Career All The Way Down

- By Bossip Staff

Yesterday, during an interview about the Basketball Wives reunion, Meeka Claxton played coy about whether or not she’d be making a comeback next season…

Which prompted Shaunie to tweet a link to an interview she did with Power 92 in Chicago last week, during which she officially shut down Messy Meeka’s dreams of being a reality TV chick.

She’s pretty done, yeah. Paperwork-wise, it’s not official yet. But it will be soon. I mean, it just didn’t work. It didn’t work with anybody in any aspect. I hear she wants to come back, but it just doesn’t make any sense.

During the chat with the station’s Hot Boyz Radio show, Shaunie also revealed Royce’s uncertain future. But it doesn’t sound like Shaunie doesn’t want her back: it sounds like Royce might be through with being everybody’s punching bag for real this time.

We got a thumbs up for season four, but we haven’t started with contracts and stuff for the new season just yet. So all of it is up in the air right now. We know who solidly is coming back. But I don’t know, I don’t talk to Royce like that, I don’t know what her thoughts are. I will find out in the next couple months though.

In other words: Royce wants more dough…

Shaunie also addressed the excessive hoodratery that takes place on every single episode of Basketball Wives.

It is definitely a concern. It’s something that, even with the production company and the network I have voiced my opinion about. We have come to an agreement going into the new season that we will figure out a way to show some sort of balance. Although, you do have Tami that might smack somebody; that’s real. But then too, you have us get together and we know how to act; we do philanthropy in the community and things like that. I think it needs to be a balance. I think both things need to be shown.

Alrighty then. Sounds like season 4 should be pretty interesting.

Check out Shaunie’s full interview below.

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  • m

    Oh Well I guess meeka 15 minutes are over. Maybe She can latch on to another show since She clearly wants that reality show fame. And why would She want to come back, They don’t like her. I don’t blame them who wants someone around who is Sue happy. That’s probably why she’s getting the boot. None of the other women sued. Oh well meeka u got made a fool of, slapped up by Tami and now u can fade back into your unknown world.

  • homicidalbrainiac

    I’ve only seen a couple episodes in this past season, but I can say that Meeka didn’t add anything to the show. I don’t understand how someone can talk so much mess about others with cameras arond and expect nothing to come of it. Side note: I didn’t realize how tiny Royce is…

  • geekryderz

    How bout just shut the show down, none of them broads are really married or act like wives. Better yet change the name of it to “hooligans “

  • KeptWoman

    Meeka wasn’t the only person that was SUE HAPPY on the show. Let’s not forget that TAMI was threating to sue Evelyn for printing those “Non-Factor” t-shirts in reference to Tami. Tami even came out Evelyn with some legal court documents.

  • Christielove1468

    @Geekryderz:I agree with you,they need to shut down the whole production of BBW. That show is nothing but a ghetto mess!

  • No More BBW please!

    I second to shut the show done. It’s so negative. The first season was the best. They had a lil drama, but the also got together to feed the homeless and did a few charity events. They have put a image on BBW that’s not cool. And that brings us back to the fact that NONE of them are BBW!

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  • geekryderz

    Not that i have any ill will towards the women, i just don’t understand the bad girl club mentality. After 30 i think the nonsense should be a minimum. Atlanta housewives ain’t the greatest but at least less nonsense.

  • OhSweetMiss

    Now if we can get Royce off that show and on to what not to wear!!!

  • Barry

    Shaunie’s the one who shouldn’t come back.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    The whole show needs to go. There is no point to it. I see they made a spin-off for LA. Uh…NEXT!!!

  • NikkiT

    I love the show,I like them all and I feel Meeka should go,she was sweet but she did lie a lot,I think shaunie should come out with a show called Let me upgrade sence they are all into fashion etc.pick four girls to work on and change someones life.I will sign upgrade me please.anyway be blessed

  • Nichole


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