Are You Feeling LaLa’s Star-Spangled See-Through Get Up??

- By Bossip Staff

Last night, LaLa Vazquez-Anthony celebrated the premiere of her VH1 reality show with the hubby and some of her celebrity friends.

She rocked a dress that most of you mommies out there wouldn’t even dare try on in the store. Here’s a better look.

Are you feeling LaLa’s get up?

Flip through for more pics from last night.

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  • Why???

    Why is this girl always in the headlines?? I understand it for publicity…..I get it, but um….. What’s her purpose? Before anyone calls me a “hater” please save it. Anytime someone speaks the #TRUTH they’re automatically a “hater”.

  • Danyale

    If it was a dress, with sum red pumps it wouldve been hot..she has a nice body tho

  • Danyale

    O im sorry it is a dress…if it was shorter..i thought it was a jumpuit

  • Rocki

    I feel u on that Why?? Nobody knows y she is relevent….my guess would be that shes Kim Ks follower or as we say here in the south shes her “do-girl” Side-note y r her and Carmelo always acting like the brother & sister or homeys instead of husband and wife (just a thought)

  • Why???

    @Rocki EXACTLY!!! I concur 100%, but what’s Kim K’s purpose as well? A bunch of people who stay in the media for their cakes, outfits, and who they’re dating/marrying/bedding….Again what is their purpose in general?? SMH*RAPIDLY*

  • cam

    that dress is ugly,Carmelo looks bored, n that is the worst i’ve ever seen Serena (too masculine)

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