Hope??? President Obama To Reveal $300 Billion Jobs Package…What Does This Mean For All The Unemployed Black Folks???

- By Bossip Staff

With Black unemployment rates at an all-time high, Barack better have some tricks up his sleeve!!!

President Barack Obama will lay out a jobs package worth more than $300 billion on Thursday, staking his re-election hopes on a call for urgent bipartisan action to revive the faltering economy.

With his poll numbers sliding to new lows amid voter frustration with 9.1 percent unemployment, Obama will make tax cuts for middle-class households and businesses the centerpiece of the plan and will press for new spending to repair roads, bridges and other deteriorating infrastructure.
He will use his televised speech before a joint session of the U.S. Congress, at 7 p.m. EDT, to urge passage of those measures by year-end. He is expected to speak for 45 minutes.

If congressional Republicans reject his remedies, his strategy will be to paint them as obstructionists and blame them for the stagnating economy. Stubbornly high unemployment has heightened fears that the economy could be headed for another recession. Net employment growth registered zero in August as a budget standoff in Washington and the European debt crisis spooked businesses and consumers. Obama is under intense pressure to change perceptions that he has shown weak leadership. His economic stewardship has been criticized by both Republicans and fellow Democrats, casting a cloud over his prospects for re-election in November 2012.

“It’s a major leadership moment for Obama,” said Terry Madonna, a political scientist at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. “He’s running out of months before voters settle in on whether his presidency has failed.”

The president’s plan to pay for his ideas is a political necessity in a time of fiscal austerity. Deficit-boosting stimulus spending is out.
Obama plans to cover the cost by asking a new congressional supercommittee debt panel to go beyond its target of finding $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction by the end of November, so the extra savings can pay for short-term economic help. That debt panel meets for the first time Thursday.

Y’all think Obeezy will be able to pull this one off???


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  • John Paterson

    When government is allowed to remove capital from the marketplace, in terms of debt creation, it creates a constriction on the money flow over all.

    As a consequence, businesses are forced to pay higher taxes and are less able to use their capital for their purposes. Consequently, those most in need of jobs are least served by these policies.

  • Not a H8R

    Tax Breaks dont make Jobs! Duh…..Consumer Spending and taxpayers….somebody must have had a old school Joni Hendrix buzz got caught up in a purple haze during economics 101. Obama close the Lincoln Bio revisit the FDR “New Deal”….get rid of congress and take over the banks! All your governors used their stimulus money to cover up how they cooked the books in their states and made their rich friends richer!

  • The Haitian Mulatto

    You know black folks ain’t going to see one inch of that stimulus money. At the end of “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?,” Little Richard said “I could have told ya’ll none of you was goin to get any money!! Nobody never gave us anything!!! Wooo!!!”

  • gina

    And how is the wonderful “upstanding” government of Haiti doing her people? People give them stuff all the time and their government tax it, keep it and sometime sells it to them. Go home …stay home!


    As long as my food stamps and unemployment check are cool I’m all for it! “YES WE CAN”! OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA!

  • raeday

    do you know how many political figures who have suceeded because of their skin color? i dun care what u say
    OBAMA 2012!

  • blessdndisguise

    I agree with Common! BLACK PPL arent the only ones in the unemployment lines and struggling! Were in the 21st century stop using the race card!! If you got food on the table be grateful we dont live in a 3rd world country!

  • #1 Bottom B*tch

    The Republicans sh*t on every proposal that Obama puts on the table! They hate 2 see a black man in power! It’s not his fault that the economy is failing! “Our people” need 2 get out and vote for every political office position that elections are held for! Not just the presidency! As long as Republicans are in Congress, the House of Representatives, and the Supreme Court, we are doomed for failure!

  • 21133

    Actually it is his fault we are failing. Stop believing everything this man has a speech about it is the same over and over he wants everyone to believe he is the only adult in the room. And nobody owes nobody nothing get out and make something happen for your self stop waiting on handouts.

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