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Tiki sure picked a winner… NOT! The bird-brained Becky who Tiki Barber left his pregnant for has been flossin’ her flatty cakes for Maxim and we finally had a chance to see how smart (negative) she is thanks to their interview with her. She also reveals some pretty juicy information about how their love was “a match made in Happy Meals.” Check out the interview below:

Where do you get hit on most often?

When I’m with my two dogs in Central Park. Every guy wants to know their names and how old they are. Then they want to talk to the 5’10” platinum blonde in high heels walking them.

What’s your best dog-walking outfit?

The shorter the skirt, the better. I’m tall, and I have very long legs. So I like to show them off.

Where would you go on your ideal first date?

A Mexican restaurant. We’d have tacos, enchiladas, and enough salsa to kill someone. And we’d wash it down with tequila and go out dancing. I’m a terrible dancer, but with enough tequila in me, I’ll do anything.

Is that where you went with Tiki?

No, we went to McDonald’s. I was starving and about to flip into itchbay mode, so we stopped there. It was a match made in Happy Meals.

SMH. Sounds like Tiki got enough tequila in her.

At least she likes Happy Meals, cuz between his divorce settlement, child support for four kids and lack of an NFL job, they’ll probably be eating a lot of them.

Keep reading for more quotes from this bird brain…


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