Swizzy’s Side-Piece Christina Elizabeth Comes Clean “He’s A Wonderful Man And I Had A Great Time With Him”

- By Bossip Staff

The plot thickens… Yesterday we released exclusive evidence that Swizz Beatz has been sexting with another woman while married to Alicia Keys and today we hear that woman’s side of the story.

In a statement exclusively made to BOSSIP.com Chris says in her own words:

I’m only making this statement because I’m being put out there as a liar and I am very embarrassed. I would like to confirm that the rumor about Swizz Beatz cheating on Mashonda with me is absolutely true. I would also like to confirm that the rumors about Swizz “sexting” me, even in his present marriage, are absolutely true. I am also confirming that I lost my cell phone and someone else posted all the stuff that you see on the internet.

I’ve known Kasseem since 2007. We met at Solange Knowles’ (whom I do not associate with) birthday party in Houston, TX. A gentleman from Kasseem’s entourage approached me and said that someone wanted to talk to me. After I asked who it was, he pointed at Kasseem. I knew he was “Swizz Beatz”, but I did not know anything else about him. I gave him my phone number and he called me right away and invited me to eat at Katz’ Deli on Montrose Blvd. The next morning, he invited me to accompany him at Radio One (979 The Box) for his interview. Afterwards, we went back to his hotel room but we DID NOT HAVE SEX. A couple of hours later, he had to leave so he could catch his flight. He hugged and kissed me in public as if he were a single man.

Keep reading for the rest of the statement

Photo Credit: K-Rish Photography and Papermag

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  • Who is surprised?

    Wow. I wonder what Alicia has to day. Karma is a B**¢*

  • India

    KARMA is a you know what!!!! Haha well the same way you got that man is the same way you lose him. Alicia come on really? If he cheated on his WIFE multiple times with you and other women, what made you think YOU were any different?#imjustsayin

  • dat jerk

    How u get ’em is how u will lose ’em #mamasaidthat!

  • sugadiva

    I don’t have any feelings for Swizz, Alicia or any other female involved, I feel for the kids. They can see what’s going on, they know everything especially the oldest one.Now thats gonna be karma.

  • me..me

    Alicia keys will put on that fake front for the public and release a fake statement but he’s probably on the couch right now. He cheated on his first wife what makes anybody think Alicia was going to be treated any different. …cause she famous? This guy clearly can’t be faithful. Mashonda probably want to bust out a I told u on Alicia. Maybe she can offer a shoulder to cry on. He can lie and deny but I believe this chick.

  • staccee

    Hahahaha, serves her right, alicia knew he was a dogg9one cheater when she married him so what did she expect for him to be faithful, girl get real. You got what you wanted,a dog with a bone, haahhahahaa!!!

  • the one

    But she didn’t stop seeing him after she found out he was married!

  • LisaLuvless

    Post my comment!

  • Sweetie

    Tsk tsk… My advice for Alicia leave this lying cheating sack of bones and take his “Money In Da Bank”..lol

  • Marlena

    Wow just think Alicia is reading this just like us. Like someone else said, she is probably going to release a mature statement but you better believe she is doing her own personal investigation!
    Side Bar: Why did Chris have to give us all of the details on their relationship? I mean, she gave up the tapes FOR REAL.

  • Your stepdad

    Only people who care about this are miserable b*tches who’ve been cheated on and wanna use Alicia as the posterchild for homewreckers who gives a damn I cheat now and if I had dough like swizz I’d have even more b*tches with a wife

  • knox1

    I saw Alicia tweet yesterday about its all lies and its laughable ( something in that nature)…I wonder if its still funny to her…lol


    Is anyone really surprised? Karma is a B!+(#

  • smh

    She said it best “Wat goes around comes around wat goes up must come down” CTFU ! You shud never wish bad on ppl but honestly deep down I think a lot of ppl was expectn && waitn for this !

  • YeezyTaughtMe

    @smh: very true, the only one who couldn’t or didn’t want to see it coming was Alicia. Oh well I guess now we shall wait for her long as letter like Mashondas telling the new girl how hurt she is bla bla bla…Swizz is uglier than a muthfka tho FOR REALLLLZ!!

  • Mzmystic

    Somewhere, right now, mashonda is blasting the song karma by a.keys smiling and pressing repeat.

  • ReallCeeriOus

    Ain’t NOOOOBODY miserable! Just because we comment on the inevitable it doesn’t mean we have no life. PLENTY people get cheated in……SO! that doesn’t make our OPINIONS any less valid.
    As for Swiss Cheats, she got him the same way she’s gonna lose him and such is life.

  • TheBarberLady

    At least she didn’t deny the whole thing like wife #2 did. What’s good for the goose is good for the….other goose!

  • Oh Lordy

    Oh yeah, he sounds like a really “wonderful man”… NOT!

  • Jay

    I went to hs with this girl … & she was very quiet.. But into the arts & a “singer” … My my how time changes people. I never understood people sleeping with married men .. Regardless if he acted “single” or not. Hes Married.

    That’s a relationship that God allowed & karma will get you.

    Smh. Anything for a nut?

  • just21

    #NOWPLAYING: KARMA by Alicia Keys <<<<< LMAO!

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  • kirejis

    On her Twitter page there’s a comment she made on August 24th about not being a “at ur convience woman. Don’t care who you are.” But obviously you were his convience woman through not 1 but 2 marriages, so u must have done it because of who he was. I do agree with most of the comments saying karma is Bee In The Church House. Sorry for spelling it out, I teach 5 year olds, lol.

  • http://binkalicious.com/2011/09/karmas-a-btch-did-swizz-beatz-cheat-on-alicia-keys/ Karma’s A B*tch: Did Swizz Beatz Cheat On Alicia Keys? | Binkalicious

    […] Even though Swizz offered and offered and offered to buy me things, the only thing I accepted was plane tickets to go see him. He’s a wonderful man and I had a great time with him as well as a great relationship. Of course he’ll deny the whole thing and of course Alicia will stand up for her man. It’s understood. [SOURCE] […]

  • Ccefd

    Ok so everybody calling this girl a hoe and what not, but why weren’t most of you calling Alicia Keys a hoe when she did the same thing? It was all fun games and an upgrade when he was cheating on Mashonda with Alicia. Now it appears that the tables have turned…Inevitable

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