Rih-Cycling? Did RihRih Swagger Jack Her Brazilian Balcony Scene From Beyonce???

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Leave it to the stans to remind us that RihRih’s lil balcony scene was reminiscent of somebody else…Beyonce! BeyBey stayed at the Fasano Hotel in February 2010 when she and Alicia Keys were shooting the “Say It In A Love Song” video and someone was kind enough to make a side by side comparison with some remarks:

One of Bey’s fans tweeted the image and we had to post and ask your thoughts. Did Rihanna copy Bey??? no

Before you say yes, consider some other celebs who have also been photographed from the famous Brazilian balconies at the Fasano.

Actress Julianne Moore and her kids


Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio

John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston

Alicia Keys


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    • yea!

      Lol this is a stupid comparison and this is coming from a beyonce stan but yea rihanna always jacking bey’s steez like I’ve been to rihanna’s loud tour and she took some things from beyonce experience tour,her cheers vid is a cycled beyonce documentary and her whole style now is beyonce even her hair color!

    • http://trapjuice.com/2011/09/21/wow-rihanna-biting-off-beyonce-style-real-heavy-gobeygo/ WOW RIHANNA BITING OFF BEYONCE STYLE REAL HEAVY @GOBEYGO | Trapjuice.com

      […] of Bey’s fans tweeted the image and we had to post and ask your thoughts. Did Rihannacopy Bey??? […]

    • Just Sayin

      I like both women but its a fact that rihanna is trying 2 do everything bey has done. Everything bey does, rihanna does it a year or 2 later. Not saying that that’s a bad thing. Rihanna does buy bey tour dvds/albums & said bey is one of her idols. And before u rihanna stans attack bey, those words came straight outta rihanna’s mouth. Bey is the biggest black female artist of THIS generation so yes she does inspire up & coming female artists. Melanie fiona, jessie j, alexandra burke, & even adele & lady gaga were inspired 2 sing because of bey. At the end of the day, there’s room for everyone.

    • prissa

      So dumb. I guess every celeb who stays there & waves on the balcony is copying Bey. Like Bey created waving from a balcony – SMH. The stan who tweeted this needs 2 get a life please.

    • blajj

      Its not that serious.

    • Q

      Same exact hair color and hair style tho? And she even wore pj’s like bey did. Might even be the same exact room too. Personally i think rihanna is obsessed with bey and really wants to be her. Call me a stan… hater…. or whatever but it’s my opinion. She may be complete opposite of bey imagewise but bey got the money, power, and respect that i think rih wants. Nobody respects rihanna.


      @goBeyGo, is one of those demented lunatic stans that think the world revolves around their vanity fave. NOT! THIS IS a public facility and Rihanna not the first on the balcony waving to her fans. GET OVER URSELF. Oh btw, RiRi look cute and refreshing.

    • .....................

      Well seeing as we’ve seen Rihanna’s hair this color for at least a month now, making that comparison would mean she was planning this for a long time which I really doubt. And yes she’s in her pajamas…she’s in her hotel room! She has to get fully dressed to come out on the balcony?

      The only similarities between these photos is that they were taken at the same hotel and at about the same angle. Clearly we see that this hotel is popular in the celebrity world and Beyonce is not the one who discovered it.

    • lmao

      Ya’ll aint know that rihanna is the less-talented trashy version of beyonce???

    • Blue Moon

      Maybe bcoz ppl know that celebs stay therewhen their in the city they stand there waiting to get a glimpse. Like every1 else who visits a place with a balcony they will stand bcoz 9 times out of 10 there’s a view in sight. Maybe its something the ppl at the hotel ask them 2 do.#shrug

    • amethyst

      Just so I’m perfectly clear…if I am photographed in my pj’s from my balcony, will I be swaggerjacking B or Rhianna?….u kno since they were the first ones to do it n all

    • ChicaChe


    • raeday

      wow wow wow is it really that deep? Must be a slow news day, and THIS was the lead story? So sad lol.
      sn im loving rhi rhi’s hair
      another side note im also a fan of being ur own stan


      To prissa #4
      FLOORED! So damn true. I don’t have a balcony, so I’ll just wave from my porch! Wonder if I’ll be copying her style as well (rolling eyes)? What damn difference if B did it. Betcha she wasn’t the only who did the damn wave from the balcony!WGAF!!

    • November

      LMBOOOOOOO!!! The stans are comedians today! I needed this laff!

    • http://bossip.com Ne

      Man thats irrevalant rihanna always had her own swaggr

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