Troy Davis Executed In Georgia After US Supreme Court Denied His Final Appeal

- By Bossip Staff

After deliberating for about three hours, the US Supreme Court denied Troy Davis‘ final appeal to cancel his execution last night.

Davis’ attorneys entered their final appeal to the US Supreme Court around 6:30pm on Wednesday night, just 30 minutes before he was originally set to be put to death. As a result, Davis’ execution was delayed by over three hours.

While awaiting a decision, hundreds of peaceful protesters remained camped out outside of the Georgia Diagnostic Prison in Jackson, Georgia as the number of police officers present continued to increase.

The final decision was handed down around 10:20pm and was received in absolute silence.

This was the fourth time Troy Davis faced his death. In 2007, he received a stay of execution the day before he was scheduled to die. In 2008, both the US Supreme Court and the Federal Court Of Appeals spared his life momentarily, once less than 3 hours before he was to be taken to the chamber, and once with three days to spare.

Troy Davis was pronounced dead at 11:08pm EST on Wednesday, September 21, 2011.

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  • b

    so sad

  • grimyteddy

    This is unfortunate but I expected no different. His accomplices didn’t get the death penalty in turn for their cooperation. I don’t know all the facts but this is a sad case all the way around.

  • Missy

    How can this man die by lethal injection when there was significant doubt regarding his guiltt BUT a person like Casey Anthony is acquitted when the preponderance of evidence showed she was guilty. The American justice system failed tonite at 11:08PM, the time of Troy Davis’ death. RIP.’

  • SMDH

    This story makes me sick to my stomach! I have ALWAYS oppose the death penalty! Man/govt has no right deciding when one should die. That decision is solely in the hands of our Creator. How can one explain their actions on judgement day participating in the act to execute man?

  • Shakira

    It should have been Casey Anthony on tht table nt Troy Davis
    “May God have mercy on your souls. May God bless your souls.” – Troy Davis

  • Shakira

    It should have been Casey Anthony on tht table nt Troy Davis
    “May God have mercy on your souls. May God bless your souls.” – Troy Davis

  • wow

    I would never in a million years write on here but my heart goes out to Mr. Davis family. Words can’t express how I feel right now. His story will forever live in my heart. R.I.P. .Troy Anthony Davis

  • penelope

    I don’t know if y’all read/heard about this also but they executed one of the racist hillbilly’s that brutally murdered James Byrd, so as the good ole white folks do they had to get even by killing this innocent, poor, still grieving from his parents’ death while incarcerated brother!
    Hope he’ll finally get his peace!

  • Melissa

    He died because he was found guilty and Casey Anthony was found innocent…WTF?

  • Kandiapple

    sorry our justice system failed you like it did so many other innocent black men (my uncle included who served 27 out of 75 years in prison all for a crime he didnt do) its sad how they let these guilty WHITE women get away with murder with All the proof in the world saying they did it but this man loses his life & freedom… To the ones who muder this man(Troy Davis yes the State murder him) all whom was involed from the courpt witness down to the d.a ,juriors,judge,parole members who denyed his freedom to the person who injected him with the lethal dose .. Yall may not have to answer to us but yall will have answer to yall maker smdh!! #riptroyanthonydavis

  • bimpe

    My heart sank! If in all honesty he is innocent, and his life was ended after 20years of struggle, then let his blood be on those who refused to see the other way. Let God judge. Disheartning

  • Christielove1468

    This case really is upsetting and is very sad. The state of Georgia was determined to put Troy Davis to death regardless whether he was found innocent or not,smdh! May Troy Anthony Davis rest in peace and reside with our heaveny father forever.

  • Samael

    I have to believe that after 22 years of appeals in 29 different court venues from local to state and federal that this guy was guilty of this crime.

    I don’t believe that every single court denied his appeals because he was black or because they just wanted execute somebody- anybody for this crime. This guy had many, many chances and his conviction was upheld.

  • Truthondeck

    Y’all have to remember, it was/is Georgia… You all can take it from there but it is an injustice in America.

  • gina

    I wonder how much the executor gets paid? Alot of money has been wasted on the process, certainly more than it would have cost to jail him for his natural life. Are they going to give his remains to his family?

  • Queencoca

    So hard to be a black american. If our men ain’t off shooting each other up or poisoning the seeds with haze white men are killing brothers legally. When do we stop the abuse? I hope every black man in america took notes. Your friends and lifestyle choices are enough to get you killed in america. It’s time to recondition our men so things like this won’t continue to happen. And the lil white woman is free for killing her child?

  • Shona

    I have tO admit I thought he was guilty at first with the evidence that was against him. However I read that his last words were “May God have mercy on your souls.” That sent chills up my spine and I totally believe he was innocent based on those words.

  • Mila

    I mean its hard to imagine that with no physical evidence,and more than half the witnesses admitting to lying that they could kill him.R.I.P Troy,and with your last letter to us all I’m sure you are.God be with his family.

  • Trice

    RIP TROY DAVIS…To the family y’all are in my prayers and truly hope they find the truth!!

  • SMDH

    @LOVE-Where did you read that? I am trying to tell my boys about the case…

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